Gamers Grass bases and tufts

In 2018 I spent a bit of time trying to improve the look of the basing I do on my miniatures. Gamers Grass is one of those companies I came across and I have a few of their products to look over for you now.

Now firstly, the company name is a bit misleading personally as looking at the quality of the tufts I gladly recommend them for use on any miniatures and not just for gaming figures.

However; something they do offer gamers which I've not seen outside of private sellers is completely pre-made bases. As in textured, painted, foliage added, and ready for you to attach your figures to out of the packet. These are named “Battle Ready Bases” and currently come in four settings:

  • Highland. Slightly rocky with lots of green tufts and flowers.
  • Winter. Slightly rocky again but light-coloured tufts and snow effect.
  • Arid Steppe. Dry and dusty with sparse tufts.
  • Badlands. Not as dry looking as Arid in colour.
These are available in round, round lip round, oval, and square so cover majority of game on the market which is good.

(32mm round Highland and 50mm Winter round lip round)

Price wise at £13.39 for 8 32mm round bases they are certainly pricier than other basing options for your games but those all need painting and possibly tufts added so for convenience and consistency these are a great option.

The only drawback I can find with these is finding gaps to attach your figures. Not so much looking at the Arid Steppe and Badlands designs but you may have to remove some tufts in places and use a gel type superglue to get a good contact. The bases are solid resin though so you can pin your miniature in place which will be much sturdier.

Now on to their tufts which is what really caught my eye initially. Gamers Grass carry a great range of sizes going from 2-12mm in length and many colours to match your basing. There are also sets available which contain four matched colours in a few different sizes to give a naturally looking mixture when used.

As for the quality of the basic Grass Tufts, they feel really densely packed when compared to the MiniNatur ones I have and much more upright too. Many other brands often seem to spread like a dome but these look really well done. They’re easy to remove from the backing paper too so you won’t be wrecking them with tweezers to get them off though I highly recommend a bit of PVA glue to fix them in place.

Gamers Grass also do Special Tufts which is where things get a bit fun.

Flowers are available in six common colours and look great on the Battle Ready Bases I have.

Fancy an alien setting, well their grass tufts are also available in Alien Blue (shown in this article), Alien Pink, and Alien Turquoise (which I'm honestly tempted by. I just like turquoise for some reason).

Lastly, they offer a Spikey Tuft which look great as small bushes and variation to standard grasses. Again, they have been done in quite standard colours of green, beige, brown, and white but this makes them quite flexible in their uses.

Prices for the tufts range from £3.75 to £5.00 for single colour tufts and flowers. Sets from £7.95 to £10.63 which honestly for the standard of them is pretty reasonable and it wouldn't shock me to see these quite often and I know they will be used on many of my bases when tufts are needed. Really impressed but the quality overall.

You can visit their web site by clicking on their logo at the top of the article and don’t forget to follow their Facebook page for new products.

Thank you for reading, hope you find this review useful, and enjoy your hobbying.


  1. did your blue ones look darker in person? maybe I just don't have them under the right light.

    I bought the pink ones and they were really vibrant, so I got the turquoise and the blue and they look much darker (blue) and dull (turquoise) Maybe I was just used to seeing the neon pink/purple ones, and expected the others to be as bright as those.

    I feel I may have been sent defective ones though.

    1. Thank you for your comment.
      The Alien Blue one I have are the ones in the article photo. Almost neon but not quite day glow. These are from 2019 however so batch production colour could've changed.

      Maybe take a few pics and send them an email. I'm sure they'll be happy to help.


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