Journeyman Miniatures - Roman Lappat Beginners course

This weekend was kind of a special weekend for Journeyman Miniatures; Roman Lappat arrived in the UK for the very first time to teach his very popular basing and painting course.

Journeyman Miniatures have rapidly become the most wanted course organisers in the UK. The list of course tutors that have come to the UK with Journeyman Miniatures is a very distinguished one indeed and is constantly growing.

Alfonso Giraldez, Oliver Spath, Bohun, Michal Pisarski (Lan) and now Roman Lappat have all been to the UK facilitated by Mally and Tim, and their courses are so very well organised that their reputation has soared high amongst the hobby community really quickly.

One of the UKs best painters Tommie Soule has also brought his foundations skills class to Hull. So the calibre of the tutors that have already been, and will come in the future, is mind blowing and as of now the Journeyman Miniatures courses have been outstanding.

The Roman Lappat course was no exception.

I have Met Roman previously at Scale Model Challenge and he was then and is still one of the most genuinely nice guys of this hobby, his lofty status in his profession has not turned him into an egocentric fame hunter in any way.

Right from the start Roman had the course attendees relaxed and willing to learn and this never faltered even in the sweltering 34 degree celsius St Albans heat.

Roman took us through every step of his course in great detail, explained perfectly as he guided us all through every stage; starting with how to construct a small display type plinth or base, then adding detail and textures, then how to paint our creations discussing contrast, atmosphere, light and shadow. Glazing, washes, everything we needed to build and paint our own scenic display base in the way he does for himself and his other students of which there are many.

We prepped and built a Games Workshop Deamonette of Slaanesh to put on the base. This was done while discussing colour theory, techniques, brush control, and mistake correction should we have made any.

Roman even had us outside on the grass teaching us under the trees as their shade kept us cool.

I didn’t say it to him but the teachers in my senior school who actually gave a crap used to do this for us to be at easy while learning.

Roman’s teaching background shone through throughout the weekend and he held our interests up to the end of the last day.

The course ran from 6pm on Friday 28th of June until 7pm on Sunday 30th of June in St Albans Scout hut which was just an insane sweat box due to the bald head singeing weather... and yes my head went pink pretty quickly... fried egg anyone??

I have compressed 3 days learning into a very short review because if I was to cover every aspect of the course in detail iIwould be still typing this 3 days from now.

This was my 2nd Journeyman Miniatures course and I can unequivocally say Mally and Tim have put in Maximum Effort (sorry Norm, had to change that. Can't miss a Deadpool reference opportunity. Steve) into bringing superb talent to the UK for us to learn from and expand our hobby knowledge, and they are only going to get stronger as time goes by.

Anyone reading this who wants to learn how and why bases and miniatures work and why painting them is truly an art form to be studied and recreated should seek out Roman Lappat’s beginner’s class and learn from a truly inspiring artist.

Keep an eye on Journeyman Miniatures events list as there is much more to come indeed.

Head on over to Facebook and check out their page and get on the list for a course ASAP, very much recommended by myself and all of the students taught at all the courses previously...

I can’t stress enough how good Roman’s teaching was but if you are unaware of his work then please, go and check out the Massive Voodoo blog and his own gallery site.

Journeyman Miniatures have a winning formula in their organisation and will just keep getting better with every passing course they run.

In the words of Roman himself... “Happy Painting”

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