The Slayer bust by Carmine Giugliano

Anyone following along will know I reviewed Wukong sculpted by Carmine Giugliano a few reviews ago.

This review is covering one of his previous sculptures that I feel has not had its moment in the sun.

(Image from Carmine)

The Slayer is another bust that really floats my boat.

I have not seen many of these on FB at all. Just one painted a while ago that tagged Carmine in but that is indeed the only version of this bust I have seen painted. I have not seen any in the many competitions I have attended either which I find really strange as it is a really nice design.

This is the part where I could cut and paste from the previous Wukong review as there are many similarities.

It comes in a heat sealed bag which includes 6 pieces of nice quality grey resin. It has a separate head which due to the design I can see why Carmine made that decision as the hair is quite elaborate which is the nature of any beast slaying character. So a separate mould for this head I think was a really good idea because casting the whole thing in one mould would require so many cuts you would probably end up with mould lines through detail and that would have spoilt the sculpt.

The cast itself is near perfect. In the photo you can see a tiny nick on the right arm, this is the only blemish on this bust. Now that’s pretty amazing don’t ya think?

So staying on detail; not many sculptors add the detail of actual body hair. I have seen it before but not regularly. On the quite muscular torso you can clearly see chest hair and what we used to call a crab ladder back in the school days ha ha, stomach hair to everyone else...

This will be quite a time consuming detail to paint I should imagine, maybe this is why not many sculptors add it? But I think it is a complimentary detail due to the amount of hair on the piece, but it is still a challenge...

So the hair pieces that come with the bust are all of different sizes and I think some will stay on securely with just glue but I think the beard will possibly need pinning if you wish to travel with it to competitions. When this bust is together it is quite a beauty and some of the painters out there can belt out stunning hair and skin tones. I would love to see Sergio Calvo Rubio or Marc Masclans have a go at this piece, it would be epic I’m sure.

With preparation in mind the separate head is cut quite high up the neck so the joint will be visible. Careful filling, sanding and buffing will be needed so do not rush the prep if you get one. Take your time and make it as smooth as possible.

I am thinking a thin bead of Milliput once pushed together and once cured a good sanding and several Milliput milk (washes) should see this done nicely but be prepared for a long shift at the bench.

The hair I’m sure will be quicker with maybe liquid GS or Milliput milk over the joins. Should be enough to see them done nicely.
Yes; I'll do orange hair but with a twist. Can’t tell you or you may go buy one and do it yourself ha-ha...

So out of the heat sealed bag you get your 6 pieces and you will not be unhappy with the level of detail in this bust considering there are no clothes or weapons. This is all about skin tones and hair. The face as always will be your focal point but what a frame you have to play with.

Once I get my finger out and actually prep this it’s going to take me an absolute age to paint because my skin tones and hair are in need of some serious practice ha-ha.

If you like what you see give Carmine a shout via email at or message him via Facebook messenger for the costings.

I really feel this bust need more love in the community because it is so expressive and I know there are lots of talented painters out there who will totally kill this bust with epic paint jobs.

Thanks for reading this review and hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed purchasing and reviewing this piece...

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