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Micro Art Studio (MAS) are a Poland based company who have built up quite a range of bases, scenery, and accessories for use with games like Infinity, Star Wars Legion, Wolsung, and others. They also have a great range of figures and busts from the Discworld stories by Sir Terry Pratchet.

For this article I'll be taking a look at a selection of their round resin bases in 25mm and 32mm. This is more a cross section of designs as they make most base sizes and shapes that are commonly used for majority of tabletop game systems.
I'll also look at some of their lasercut HDF base toppers further on which are a new option in the past year to their range.

Lets start with resin.

As you can see from the four photos above, the bases are well detailed in design and have strong settings within their ranges. I've grouped these four together as they all have quite flat surfaces and plenty of space to attach your chosen miniatures.

This next trio really show just how well the resin MAS uses holds shape and detail. The only defects of any kind I can find are some small or tiny air bubbles... in the underside. And that's it. They're solid and not rubbery and take to being drilled, sanded, and scrapped really well which is a good sign.

Now the thing with lots of extra fancy detail is that you start to lose areas where a good foot contact could be made with your figures (though I always recommend pinning for extra strength on the join) and so far I feel things are fine and quite straight forward.

The last three resin options I have would need you to be really creative as they are highly detailed.

For me these could start causing extra work. Especially if your figures are made to have both feet solidly planted on flat ground. If you have a mixture of standing and running poses these could work. But if it's all running with one point of contact between toy figures and bases, these are perfect to really give your miniatures a defined setting.

For an idea of pricing, a pack of 5x25mm bases is €4.95 and 4x32mm is €6.15. Puts them in a higher price bracket than the GW sculpted plastic bases (though MAS are much more defined in details) but quite average when compared to other companies. The quality, consistency, and variety of available shapes and designs make them a good place to look for any miniature based game.



Something MAS have started making too is lasercut HDF base toppers. Now this came as a no surprise move because of the quality of their HDF scenery which they have produced for quite some time now. 

(Precinct Sigma 25mm & 40mm sets)
Initially designed in Infinity base sizes, they have since expanded to include other sizes and ovals too which would work well with a certain big game companies products.

As you might be able to see you get 12x25mm bases and 8x40mm bases in the packs. Packs are priced at €6.15 so are a bit more labour intensive but more cost effective.

Each topper is made up of a complete topper and some parts to add some raised details which as you can see are easy to figure out where to place.

Parts match up really easily. I just used some dots of superglue and then glued to the bases (again, superglue). I do recommend a light sanding of the sides, just to get them a bit more flush (and because I'm fussy).
(25 & 40mm together with a hole made to mount a figure)
I did make up a few for a starter set from Infinity and they suit them nicely. Found drilling and cutting through the HDF for tab holes to be quite easy. Not as clean as resin but no issues and still looks good too even if the detail isn't as refined.

Honestly, I cannot recommend Micro Art Studio bases enough. Material is excellent, details and settings are thought out well and I'm sure they have something to suit any army.

You can keep track of their releases via their Facebook page but don't forget to take a look at their web store
I'm off to browse the Discworld miniatures now. Take care.

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