Archivist on the Run by Romain Van Den Bogaert

So... What’s in the box?

The picture on the box is a dead giveaway don’t you think?

Romain Van Den Bogaert recently released a new version of the Demon Archivist. This version sees the Archivist on the run.

A journey is underway and this little demon has a companion... another, smaller demon on his shoulder and these two are up to no good.

The little demon is obviously whispering something into the Archivists ear and it seems he likes what he is hearing.

That mischievous look on his face tells it all. Where are they going? And what are they going to get up to? Only the painter can tell this story.

How many of you have purchased this figure and what have you done with it?
As you can see, mine is still in the box.

My own personal Grey Mountain has got a lot smaller recently as I found myself selling some surplus stuff but this piece was a firm favourite to stay.

Romain has quite an eclectic range of sculptures and I am more influenced by his more human pieces as it is so obvious he can sculpt with the best of them.

The first archivist was my introduction to Romain and I have followed his work ever since. One of my favourites is the Afghan Girl. That piece is outstanding. Simple but outstanding.

And once Romain announced the new version of the Archivist I was in the queue immediately.
So the opening question was... what’s in the box?

Let’s take a look.

Inside is 2 Ziploc bags and the main torso of the sculpt.

One bag has the scenic base which has some cool detail on. From sculpted earth to fungus of all kinds and leaves. With this I can see Romain wanted to tell a story with this piece as many miniatures come with simple bases that often get put in a bits box but this base is set to be used more I'm sure.

The other bag has the bits in. A leg, 2 horns, and the huge book with hand attached that features on the first version. All these pieces are clearly sculpted very well right down to the toe nails. Every detail has been carefully done to ensure maximum quality.

The Torso is no exception. Just like the first version the detail on this piece is amazing; from the small tentacles in the bag (which I assume is lunch) to the wrinkly knees and the little devil hanging off the right ear.

Romain has kept this piece as close to the first version as possible.

What about the quality? How does this stand up to other high quality piece?

Well... it stands its ground nicely. Just like the original, the resin is great, the details are great, and the casting has been done very well. Can’t pick fault with production what so ever and you guys know I like to find a fault or two.

With that said, I did find a fault but it wasn’t by Romain's hand, it was by the rough arsed postal service.

One of the small horns had snapped off on the left side of the head. This I was most annoyed at but I have come to expect this recently as some couriers and postal services really do not care what shape our parcels arrive in. This parcel has obviously gone through a few throws and drops on its way to the UK from France. Cheers Mr Postie...

But I will fix it in time.

So, what redeeming factors has this piece got if you have been living in a cave and not seen it before?
Well again, the anatomy of this sculpt is so good. The feet again look excellent and it has a suitably chubby figure and knobbly knees. The tongue poking out of the inquisitive mouth and the contemplating stare. 

The fish that is hung off his bag strap and the trinkets hanging off the belt and bag are all really nice touches. 

I really do like the Darth Maul-esque horns on the head and can you imagine painting his head like Darth Maul and having the book cover as the Phantom Menace ha-ha...

The preparation for this miniature will take a bit of time as the hand and the leg will need joining, filling, and sanding. Just a bit of filler for the horns as they fit nicely.

Romain has done another great piece with the archivist and I hope to see more painted soon on social media and even at the approaching Scale Model Challenge.

In a quick summary; this piece came exactly as I expected it to, just like the first version did. I am not displeased in any way with the sculpt and cast but I do say to the postal services or the world, get Ya acts together!

You can get the piece direct from Romain Van Den Bogaert in France or at Mr Lee’s Minis here in the UK.

Thanks for reading and see you soon with another review from GreyMountain.

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