Bold Miniatures Kickstarter part 2 (Valery)

On launch day of the Kickstarter I shared with you part one of the review for Anna and Valery. Today at the close of the Kickstarter I am taking a look at Valery, as promised.

Valery comes to you from concept art by Katherine Zhuk, the artist for Joshua.
James W Cain again brings the art to life with his 3D sculpting skills.

Bold Miniatures have got a very unique style to their range, post apocalyptic with a touch of historical/fantasy to the clothing.

Valery follows the same theme. Fitting in with the previous two miniatures nicely and packaged with a few options to suit your tastes.

Valery is a quirky little design and for the review I was sent all 14 pieces. Some of the extra head options are stretch goals but for now I will review all pieces as one kit.

So first; let’s discuss the outfit of Valery.

What we have here is an echo of Anna. On Anna you have the 17th century dress with the sectioned leather tunic but with Valery you see she is wearing MC Hammer style baggy pants... can’t touch this...

And over her shoulders there is a padded shoulder piece which is part of the hood, I have literally no idea what to call this haha.. (it's called a "cowl" or "mantle". Just for reference Norm. Steve)

On the reverse of this part is an embossed patch sown on to it. From what my old man broken eyes can make, out it's a fox. Take a look yourselves and let me know what you think?

In fact Valery has ears on her hood so I imagine she is indeed trying to make herself look like a fox so let’s see how the paint jobs turn out. She is also wearing knee high boots which look like they are crudely stitched together to protect her lower legs on her travels.

Valery is posed leaning on her halberd type weapon and comes with a couple of hair options. One attached to her hood and one on her belt with a gas mask. Is this a spare fox tail? Maybe? Who knows?

Her arms, just like Anna, are socket and key fittings and they fit nicely in place and will require minimal filling. 

She is based on a scenic rock base but if you wish to make your own base then feel free. I'm sure you do not have to use the one that is supplied. Just add your unique stamp on things as they say.

Now I am usually brutal with casting issues but Valery came to me pretty clean and no one has attempted to clean up any mould lines on the torso what so ever so Mario has done quite a nice job with this for sure.

The smaller parts do have slight flash on them and a fine mould line but there will be minimal clean up too.

The heads as mentioned at the start come in 3 different designs.

One is blowing bubble gum, another has sun glasses on for that cool look, and the other is open faced with a thinking look to its features so you have a choice of theme and attitude of the miniature can dictate the mood of the base if you decide to go down the scenic route.

I think these miniatures are going to be Marmite. You either love them or you won't, but I feel they are different to what’s out there at the moment and for that reason I am happy to report that both Anna and her plucky sidekick have funded and I hope to be seeing many painted version in the future.

If you haven’t had a look at the Kickstarter yet take a look before it ends in a few short hours.

And as always, if you like what you see you can keep up to date with Bold Miniatures by following their Facebook page, Instagram, or their web site.

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