Hélene (limited edition) by Graphigaut

As Christmas looms ever closer we are all looking for gifts to send to our loved ones. We the people of hobby town love to search out new miniatures and busts. We search all corners of the market for quality pieces to paint and often show in competitions.

One corner of hobby town is occupied by Gautier Giroud who runs Graphigaut Studios.

Gautier has sculpted many pieces on the market from gaming miniatures to busts and large scale figurines. He also has his own range which comprises of the Lisha bust, Moonfairy01, Mina Dragon Hunter, and now Hélène.

Hélène is the latest limited release from Graphigaut. It is cast in very nice quality grey resin and comes in 4 pieces in Graphigaut signature box.

Hélène is a 100 piece limited edition. We don't usually review limited editions, but we do on request to aid promotion around the launch date; hence the Friday launch for this review.

As well as the four parts for the figure, Gautier has added a numbered card and his business card should you wish to commission him.

So starting with the faults didn’t take me long as there are none. Yes, none.

Ciprian Negut has cast these miniatures at a very high standard. There was a mould line but again the clean up process was done at a really nice level making this piece one of the cleanest I have seen straight out the box.

Impressive work indeed as the cast is superb and the sculpting is really clean. The images on Facebook do not do this piece justice. I like Gautier’s style of sculpting and this piece is no exception.

The style of this sculpt is a space pirate. It looks like Capt Harlock had a daughter, which I really like the idea of even if it wasn’t the concept behind the sculpt.
But who doesn’t like space pirates?

So the four parts of the miniatures are torso, two arms and the coat.

The coat has been sculpted with movement which looks as though wind is blowing the coat up like some kind of heroic pose at the end of a movie. This kind of detail takes a static pose and gives it a story.

The two arms have been cast really nice and are gloved with full length leather gauntlets. They look crisp and the small creases are smooth and organic.


The torso details are equally as nice, the filigree style chest armour is neat and smooth with no jagged edges.

The cat suit she is wearing looks leather with piping details which ends at her thigh high boots.

The details front and back of the boots are very delicate looking and must have taken a bit of time to put in place but looks very feminine and very nice details.

I am glad Gautier decided to send a copy for review because it has been really good to see such a nice quality piece out there for you guys to enjoy.

At €55.00 for an 80mm full figure I think is quite a reasonable price and as a limited edition miniature you'll have to be quick to purchase as I was sent 39/100.

The first phase of 40 models shipped early December leaving another 60 to come soon.

Get in touch with Gautier to order at http://www.graphigaut-studio.com

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