Last Wave from Nordlys Miniatures (sadly closed)

When new companies arise and produce their first miniature they are often the most memorable for the owner of the company. The first for Nordlys was Laird McArine.

However; this review jumps a release as Last Wave is the second miniature produced by Nordlys Miniatures.

When I first saw Last Wave I instantly liked it and thought it looked very "Jedi". It also looked very much in line with the BrokenToad “Agat” miniature, as well as several other companies figures which was an instant pull to me. So when the pre-order went up I laid down the funds and waited for delivery.

As mentioned, I pre-ordered a copy and those initial pre-orders came with a numbered card as a gesture to the first 60 customers. Just to add that little bit of uniqueness to those initial copies.

Each figure cost €45.00 but only the first 60 copies get the inlay card.

Jakob Skovgaard Vllien is the owner of Nordlys Miniatures and we got to chatting about Last Wave.

The miniature is sculpted by Torben Ryde Pederson and is cast in high quality grey resin by Ciprian Negut. At 75mm size this comes in 13 parts.

The miniature comes in a pretty nice dual colour box and is sealed with a black ribbon which has a wax seal with the Last Wave logo pressed into it.

Since the development of Last Wave Jakob has had the lance/staff re-sculpted around a metal wire core as he felt the original resin versions were too flexible and would bend easily.

In the box you get both options and I must say the metal core version is much more rigid. It will take more knocks in transit should you wish to attend competitions with your painted copy.

The design of Last Wave is an action pose with the warrior jumping in to battle wielding his staff. The garment around the armour gives the feel of the Obi-Wan armour in Attack of the Clones and the staff reminds me of the double lightsaber of Darth Maul. However; these are just my opinions as I am sure there were other influences at play when Last Wave was being sculpted.

This sculpt is very on trend at the moment with all the sci-fi cyberpunk themed miniatures that are on sale right now.

The anatomy also echoes other designs as the left arm is an augmented cybernetic replacement. As it is a replacement it loses the organic look and looks a little thinner than the biologic arm. It does pull my eye a little but if you submerse yourself in the concept this aspect vanishes and you see the miniature as intended.

The quality of the sculpt is way beyond anything I have reviewed recently. Ciprian Negut has reproduced this miniature without fault. There is entirely zero mistakes or issues on this figure. From what I can see there are no mould lines, no flash, or clean up needed on this piece. It has left the mould in perfect order.

The torso is in one part. Only the head and hands are missing from the anatomy.

The garment parts are keyed to fit in their required places and the staff comes in two parts but has a location point for assembly.

Now; you can Ask Steve about my thoughts on miniature production and he will tell you I NEVER blow smoke up anyone’s butt over their miniatures but the quality of production on this miniature actually bowled me over. (It's true. Steve).

My usual search for issues with casting fell flat on its face on this occasion and I am seriously impressed. The armour is all very sharp and the under garment texture is superb. The material falls and flows in movement like it should and there are no dull edges on this cast.

The facial features show he is jumping into battle making his presence know. Mouth wide no doubt screaming something heroic. Isn’t it funny how that happens in movies. Why would you give your attack away? Lol.

Never the less. The dynamic look to this piece is full of energy and movement which blows so many static looking miniatures out the water.

In summary; I really have no bad words for this. If you have an issue please comment but be nice. This miniature although on trend is much different from most of the stuff we see being churned out digitally which are all soulless and what seems to be just a cash grab by many producers. Last Wave is a lovely sculpt and a superb cast. Well done to all involved with producing this miniature and I hope to see many painted on social media and competitions alike.

If you wish to purchase a copy please head over to and give your support. You can even like their Facebook page or follow their Instagram too.

Thanks for reading and remember to keep your hobby fun.

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  1. Another great review, my friend! This is a really great sculpt! I love the action pose and the detail you've shown us! Thanks for sharing!
    ~ Wolfbrother Methos


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