Alternity miniatures 1:35 scale figure selection

Alternity Miniatures have been around for a few years now with their own take on how a dystopian, post-apocalyptic future could look.

Previously; Norm took a look over their Goneya bust kit but this time I'm checking out a small selection of their 1:35 scale (around 50mm) figures. These are also from the mind of Alternity owner, Marco Riolo.

From left to right you have:

  • Hypercon Boy #1
  • Hypercon Female #1
  • Flatty B
As you can see, packaging is simple but sturdy and functional. Good for displaying and posting. Front stickers showing parts of the dioramas by Gabriele Leni and naming the sculptors involved too.

The two Hypercon figures (there is an adult male figure available too) are from the hands of Stefano D’Antonio. Flatty B is from Andrea Muzzu as part of a different scene. But as with any miniatures, there is nothing stopping you mixing between themes to create your own stories and scenes.

Starting with Flatty B.

Coming in at 50mm to the top of the head, he is the largest of the trio. Just three parts and easy to assemble once clean up is done. Mostly this was removing those large blocks but there was some mould line work needed inside the arm as you can see. Nothing too scary that a scraper and sanding stick couldn't handle though.

His style reminds me of graffiti art and things like the rapper art from Gorillaz early albums (Del the Funky Homosapien). Even with added goggles and spray mask.

The theme Flatty B comes from does seem to include quite a few gas masked (some with bunny ears) kids and teens. Bit of a scary thought really.

Hypercon Female #1 (I'm guessing more are planned in this theme) comes in at 49mm. The Hypercon theme doesn't go with the gas mask look. More a dystopian technology look. Lots of cables and eyes being covered. Possibly living through some virtual reality because the real reality is too much to deal with. Pretty bleak.

Looks like the mould for her is mainly cut down one side (the one with the least details) so mould line removal wasn't too tricky. Under the arms being the toughest but a pointy scalpel got in there.

Her pose does feel a little odd. Weighted on the back foot. Could look good leaning on a wall, fence, or lamp post though.

Finally, there is the Hypercon Boy #1. Just 38mm in height to the top of his oversized tech ball head. What he is seeing and hearing in there is anyone's guess. But I bet it involves that hoverboard (which you can see in the assembled pics). Because no future would be complete without a hoverboard!

The casting on that detailed head is really clean and again the mould line goes up the one side on the main body too. I did have to carve into the hood folds but the resin took to that really well which is always a good sign.

Do really like the details and look to this one. The shorts and hoodie style just work really well. Even if the tech ball head is a little disturbing.

Overall, the resin used is excellent and the casting certainly has captured all the details, which is excellent when checking out all the wires on the Hypercon ones.

Price wise you're only looking at 17€ (about £15 or $18 US) and the smaller boy is cheaper at just 15€. So not breaking the bank if you want to create a small scene or vignette, or even if you have a large diorama in mind.

I do have a favourite out of these three though which is the Hypercon Boy #1. While Flatty B feels like some teen graff artist and Hypercon Female has cables for days... that boy just brings more ideas for me and perhaps seems a little more disturbing if you think on it too much.

If you would like to pick any of these figures up for your projects or want to see more of the Alternity range (which is constantly growing too), check their website at or via their Facebook page. You can also see their products on Instagram.


  1. Great review, my man! I really like the female model, but now that you've mentioned it, I want to see her leaving up against a lamp post, maybe with some osl on her. ^_^
    Great article as always!
    ~ Wolfbrother Methos

    1. That's a great idea with the lamp post OSL. Be interesting to see you do that.


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