Baba Yagá bust from Insomnia Miniatures

Earlier in 2020, Pedro Fernández and Pepe Gallego launched Insomnia Miniatures as a place for them to release all sorts of resin miniatures related to the world of horror.
Pedro's sculpting in no stranger to us at GMR and we have in the past looked at three examples of his work in our first year.
  • Kannibaal from PF Works
  • Spring from the Women range at FeR Miniatures
  • Sigrun from Black Crow Miniatures
Highly recognised for his miniatures of beautiful women with long, flowing hair. It's easy to forget that sculptors are flexible and adaptable. And Pedro's sculpting on monsters and creatures grabs me as I love movie creatures and monsters.

Miniatures always need a design concept and this is where Pepe Gallego steps up. These two have been creating together for some time now and their joint catalogue is steadily building month by month. In fact, Insomnia Miniatures already has four categories so this looks to be a long running series of releases. Those are:
  • Creatures Series. Monsters, aberrations, and beasts (nothing there yet),
  • Mythological Series. Mythological figures/characters who are related to horror (a very cool Minotaur bust so far),
  • Gothic Series. Classic horror (a Victorian looking female vampire to date),
  • Esoteric Series. Characters which are connected to the esoteric world and open us the gate of "the living and the dead". This is where we find Baba Yagá.

Get on with it!

 Sorry about that.

First thing you notice... that looks nothing like Keanu Reeves or John Wick. This is classic Baba Yagá from Slavic folklore. The child eating, forest witch who lives in an old house with chicken legs.

If you want to look for stories of Baba Yagá, I hope you have a lot of time on your hands as there are many, many, many. She even crops up in comics like Hellboy and for me was the high point of the 2019 Hellboy movie (honestly, if they make a follow up based around Baba Yagá I'm wanting to watch it straight away).

Anyway... what do you get?

For your 25€ (around £22) you get a single piece bust in a zip lock bag and a printed card with concept art, a little text, and web links to Insomnia Miniatures social media and site. All housed securely in a hard plastic case. Mine arrived in a brown padded envelope and had extra bubble wrap around the packet too to protect it. Zero complaints with that at all.

I'm glad I'm not a caster. Pedro always seems to be able to pack subtle details into his creations. And this is no exception at all. Rope, keys, and rough stitching on the clothing. You find his pretty female sculpts have super smooth skin and salon perfect, and this is the total opposite. Ugly, angry, hair with it's own mind, and not something I would like to meet on the brightest of nights, let alone in a dark place.

Those eyes just scream horror and there has been plenty of films involving old lady ghosts and spirits over the years to give inspiration. I reckon some lighting effects would bring this bust to life (though actually... I wouldn't want this living.

Something I really appreciate with many or the busts I've looked over by Pedro is finding a pilot hole on the back. Simple I know but really makes drilling much easier.

Those cloth folds. They're just ace as expected. Plenty of definition and shape without high value contrast painting.

Also, if you look closely along the edge of the cutoff and the shoulders you can spot a hint of mould line. Seriously... There was hardly anything to do to clean this bust and get it ready to prime and paint. Little scrape and sand of those lines, drill a hole for brass tube, brush off a little flash from around the hair, and look for other areas to clean... and... nothing. Can't moan.

Seriously... don't want to wake up to that face!

I had to get a closer photo of that face. Many miniatures suffer because the faces just lack that extra focus on the face. Character, soul, deep hatred for the living for all eternity... what ever is driving a character comes from the face. Pedro really brought his A game with this one

However; looking from behind or even above, she could pass for so many older women from many parts of the world. My grandmar used to wear headscarves like that a lot of the time.

63mm in height according to the Insomnia Miniatures site. Not massive and certainly fits in the mini bust bracket. But I like that. Not a huge project but not sacrificing detail at all.

Not sure I want to know who those bones around her neck came from.

As horror themed miniatures go, this bust is ace. But I don't feel that photo's really do it justice.

I really hope to see others painting this. Be a really good one for some atmospheric painting.

Reviewing miniatures like this can be tricky when there isn't many parts to discuss or areas to highlight like mould lines, bubbles, or defects. Frankly, a great miniature with excellent design, sculpting, and casting and available at a realistic price.

If you're interested in adding Baba Yagá to your collection, she is available directly from Insomnia Miniatures at

Keep up with Insomnia Miniatures news via social media on their Facebook page and Instagram.

Thank you, stay safe, and don't drink Norm's painting water.

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