Juweela scenic products review - part 2

Steve here. If you've ever chatted with me about basing materials you have likely heard me recommend Juweela products. I've even reviewed their Juweelinis 28mm assortment set and also Juweela scenic products review - part 1.

Which product this time?

In this part 2 of the scenic products review I'll be checking out the Concrete Slabs in both large and small sizes. Both packs are designed with 1:32nd and 1:35th scales in mind (50-54mm figures) but I hind that they can also work well at 1:24 scale (75mm) and that is the size figure I've used them with in this article.

The packs are designed so you can easily see what you're buying. Though I've yet to actually browse the range in a shop sadly (though my bank account likely thanks me for that).

If you fancy a browse of their range, you can find it here http://www.juweela.de however you cannot buy direct. They do have a list of dealers here http://www.juweela.de/en/dealer.html so hopefully you can find items to add to your selection of basing goodies.

What do I get in these different packs?

Sizes. The small square slabs are 35mm x 35mm and 4mm thick. In real 1:1 size they would be around 1.2m square. That's a bit larger than the standard UK paving slab which comes in at 900mm square. Using them at 1:24 scale they would come in at a real size of 840mm square.

I know that might seem a bit pedantic but I'm actually trying to show the opposite. Just because a product states a certain scale does not mean you are limited. If you think it will look right and you like the look of it; use it. Your hobby at the ens of the day.

In both pack you get quite a variety of degrees of damage an looks to the slabs so you can give your scenes your desired feel. There's a good mix in the packs too so you're not going to get stuck with a uniform look unless you want (more on that later though).

Thought I'd arrange a few with a figure in a pretty typical layout. Will really save time putting a street or industrial looking scene together.

I mentioned before about a uniform look. Well... as you can see, one side on these slabs are smooth. If you want a much cleaner looking scene then you can really easily.

Always nice to have options I find.

Can even combine the two for more variety if you want as well. 

Having broken a fair few concrete slabs in my past (they're pretty heavy), they do look really good. Sculpting cracks like that or finding material that breaks the same way isn't easy.

How can I use these slabs?

There is another nice plus with the Juweela products. They use a ceramic material which can be sawn, carved, sanded, chipped, and broken. And that dust you see from sawing is also worth keeping too for base texturing. Waste nothing.

This base just used two small slabs.

I cut them close to the sizes needed and glued them into place using normal superglue which grips the material really well.

When cutting I recommend cutting a little bigger than you need so you can clean up after. I finished up using sand paper. Started at 60 grit and worked up to 400 to get it nice and square with the edge.

The added details come from the Rusty Wasted pack from Juweela scenic products review - part 1.

Obviously, it needs more textures to bring it all together. Some texture paste, tiny stones, and tuffs was added into the big gap but other street waste and powder pigments can be added after painting too.

When it comes to basing your figures and setting a scene, products like these can give a good quality look quickly and by adding even more little details you can really give your figures that bit more story.

If these are of interest then check the dealer list to find your nearest seller http://www.juweela.de/en/dealer.html and they also have their Facebook page and can be found on Instagram should you want to keep up to date with other products they release.

Thank you for your time and part 3 will be along soon. Until then, enjoy your hobby time.

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