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On the back of the release of Emmett the Battle Clown from ZabaArt I thought I would take a look at a previous release while I wait for my order to arrive.

Samo is a limited edition piece and I got 14/100 at Scale Model Challenge in 2019 while shopping at Lukas’ stand.

Samo is currently in stock and costs €45.00 at

So what comes in the box?

The kit comprises of 4 parts. There is the main torso, 2 weapons, and horn; you know, the one that ya blow through to make a parping sound...

Samo is part of the Slavic Series and is cast in resin. 

I hope the Slavic Series grows and we get to take a look at ancient history in the Slavic regions.

The background behind this concept is Samo became a Slavic King after unifying the tribes of the Slavic nations and this became known as Samo’s Empire in the middle ages.

Samo stands proud with one hand on his sheathed sword and another holding a dagger. He looks like a biblical character from movies. Like Charlton Heston as Moses so I am assuming his robes are somewhat reminiscent of the garments of the age?

He seems to be of age as his hair and beard are painted grey so I am assuming this mini is sculpted in the later years of Samo’s reign before his death in 658CE.

So what about the quality?

Well; all the details are bang on the button for ZabaArt with the sculpture being simply outstanding.

Casting wise we can see a mould line up the rear of the cast. Now this is the first time I have seen such a line on a Zaba piece but it's placed in a way that a sanding and buffing will take care of it as it does not hinder any details which is great.

There are some vents in places that I assume are there to avoid bubbles so these will require removing too.

The weapons also have the vents which will require removing too.

What do I think of it?

My initial attraction to the mini was influenced by the earlier Cyborg Samurai mini and I thought they echo each other very well.

At its full height Samo stands at 80mm tall and is a very uncomplicated assembly and is open to many many colour variations.

Lukas has once again produced a very nice miniature.

Aside from the mould line and casting vents to be cleaned this piece is very finely detailed and I expect nothing less from ZabaArt.

As mentioned above, if you want a copy head over to and get yourself a copy while they last.

Remember there is only 100 copies made so be quick as I have no idea how many are available.
Stay tuned to GMR for further ZabaArt reviews; keep your eye open for the future releases from the talent that is Lukas Zaba.

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Oh and if you are interested... he also does commission work.

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