The Bolshevik from SK Miniatures.

During the lockdown in the UK there were a few different things going on to raise money for the NHS.

One of these activities was the Figure Artists for NHS Auction which I took part in and also bid on a bust.

This bust is the Bolshevik, which is now part of the SK Miniatures range.

Bolshevik was sculpted by Yury Serebryakov in 1/9 scale and is on sale at SK Miniatures for £35.00.

It comes in one piece but is superbly detailed and the face is spectacular.

There is however a mould line running up the backside of the hat.

Now normally I would go on about preparation and buffing etc. But the texture of the material has been sculpted in so the mould line, although not a huge issue, is going to require a little bit of magic to make it right and is going to take some time to remove and resurface the material.

The grey resin seems to be a little hard so I wouldn’t drop this on a hard surface because it could get damaged.

These is my only nitpicks with this bust.

It is a classic bust and just looks amazing.

I really do like the theme of this sculpture and it holds a lot of character and for such a simple bust. It has movement too as the hat and coat curl back like the wind has caught them as he looks up with a proud expression on his face.

The small details like the button holes and the way the collar turns over because the hat drops down onto the shirt under the coat are just so nicely done to add extra detail to this creation.

There is even a shirt pocket flap peeping out from under the coat.

This is quite a short review from me on this as mentioned it is one piece so has not got a great deal to inspect.

What I can say is the sculpting is sublime and the details are flawless.

I am glad Steve has taken this bust on as part of his range because it is easily one of the most
recognisable busts in the hobby to date.

If you require a copy please head over to and check out all the other ranges while you are there.

Steve has quite the catalogue covering many genres for you to choose from.

Well thanks for reading this quick review and I hope you check out this bust and many more available from SK Miniature.

Stay safe and stay healthy and remember, Don’t drink the paint water.

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  1. Cheers Normski ........lovely looking piece

    Hell..who needs to eat in Lockdown anyway !

    Look forward to more from GMR



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