Minotaur from Winzor Chog Miniatures

Hi Guys,  I have something a little different for you this week. 

Instead of an all out review I would like to introduce you to Winzor Chog Miniatures. Winzor Chog Miniatures is the creation of Alastair Reid.

Alastair may not be a familiar name or face to most of the GMR readers but if you backed the BrokenToad/ Black Sun Miniatures Jim Henson Kickstarter you will have no doubt pledged for some of his sculptures. Alastair sculpted many of the Dark Crystal range, so if you are unsure of his work head over to the Kickstarter and have a look at the Skeksis and Mystics.

You can also head over to Chilling Wargamers and watch the stream of his interview.

Alastair has been working on Winzor Chog for some time now and has produced a lot of awesome fantasy football miniatures as well as some unique pieces of his own concept and production. I purchased one of his newer pieces. A Minotaur.

This miniature is all about fantasy football but due to its design it could easily fit into D&D or other role playing fantasy systems. There are no weapons or football items sculpted on this miniature so it is wide open for usage within the hobby.

What I really admire about Winzor Chog Miniatures is the price this Minotaur is only £15.00. It is really nicely cast in high quality grey resin and can be purchased as well as his other pieces at www.winzorchogminiatures.com.

Shipped to my house it cost me £18.00 and this is a very nice price for the size of miniature.

The assembled miniature stands at 50mm tall from the bottom of the feet to the top of the mane. However it is hunched over like it is stalking it prey and if this miniature was stood up straight ya looking at an 80mm tall figure.

All together there are 8 parts that arrive in a decent box with a Winzor Chog sticker on, and yes it is supposed to be pixelated so don’t freak out.

The cast is nice. There are a few mould lines but I am not going to moan about them because recently I saw a cast that set the bar for poor casting, so these very fine lines on the Minotaur are a much superior quality to something I had the displeasure to see recently.

The design of the Minotaur as mentioned sees him hunched over with clawing hands open ready to make someone’s day the worst day ever, and they will wish they never woke up and decided to go on a quest that day.

There is also a metal shoulder pouldron on his right shoulder and a gladiatorial style for arm armour combo.
Forearm smash anyone? Dont mind if I do!!!

The Mohawk style mane runs almost the entire length of his back and is stuck up like a cat with it’s heckles up.

It has a Greco-roman style skirt on to protect his dignity and huge ring in his nose, so he looks very punk rocker.

The muscle tone is cartoony but is still sculpted nicely and the over-all feel of the miniature is one of fun and versatility.

As mentioned this miniature can be used for many purposes in the hobby and I will be using mine for a small scenic labyrinth style base in the future, but I am looking forward to painting it indeed.

Winzor Chog miniatures are also super easy to assemble so you won’t need a physics degree to work out where the parts go.

If you enjoy your gaming miniatures I cannot stress enough to head over to Winzor Chog and check out his whole range. Alastair has put a lot of thought into his miniatures and I think they would be very well received in the community should hobbyists collect his range.

I purchased this piece as a soon as I saw it on sale, so I hope many other follow in the same way.

Winzor Chog is one of my favourite independent producers of gaming piece and I hope they become the favourite of many other customers too.

Thank you for reading this and hopefully liked the miniature I featured.

So thanks again please stay safe and remember don’t drink the paint water.

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