The Orc from PF Works

Anyone who's been following GMR for a while now will know I have a thing for movie monsters and creatures, so looking over something monstrous when sculpted by someone like Pedro Fernandez is usually a joy.

Here is The Orc.

I'll be totally honest with you. The product photos I'd seen online didn't really sell it to me. So here goes.

What's in the box?

Straight away there's a piece of folded and fully printed card with an awesome looking Orc concept sketch on the front and a few others inside which I'll leave as a nice bonus for anyone picking this up.

Otherwise it's a fairly simple affair. Being a single piece bust, as seems to be fairly common with the PF Works releases; there aren't any bits to worry about assembling.

The bonus of a single piece bust though is less time cleaning and assembling which is good if you just want to crack on and paint. Just need to hunt for mould lines, drill in for a rod, prime, and get brush wiggling.

Like I said... a fairly simple affair.

One bust in one zip lock bag. Job done.

That's one ugly chunk of resin. Not even sure a mother would live him. Explains why he looks angry.

As I found when I checked out Baba Yaga, the online photos really don't show this for what you really get. Kind of like all those social media filters which smooth the skin and make you look younger, wearing glasses, sprouting cat ears and so on.

Much more a classic bust with no shoulders or arms. Nice curved cut off with a bit of an angle at the bottom. Works well for this but you can see quite a bit of bubbling but all in a flat area luckily.

Last to point out... I didn't drill that hole. Pedro has a habit of adding in a useful pilot hole which really makes drilling to add a rod or tube a piece of pi...oops, a lot easier.

A closer look

Detail and texture on this Orc is excellent. 

Wrinkles, scars, pits, and even a chunk of his ear missing. Which is sculpted, don't panic. This is no smooth and symmetrical digital sculpt and it's these marks that give this Orc character. He's fought. Loads. As for what, probably everything.

The leather strap is cracked and and metal details look beaten rather than polished.

Then you have that fur giving a nice frame to the head and neck. Plenty of strands and clumps but also not all looking nicely brushed and cared for.

His eyes do have the iris and pupil sculpted, which I know isn't to everyone's liking but it looks easy enough to fill if you prefer.

For 32€ the quality of the sculpting and casting, and the size feels good.

Plenty to work on but also without having so much going on that things get complicated. Skin, fur, hair (ish), leather, and metal. I'd easily recommend this to anyone looking more for academic style busts but want a little more to get their teeth into (no pun intended though I do hope you're not a dentist seeing this Orc's chompers).

If you're wondering about extensive mould lines and cleaning up due to it being a single piece cast... there it is. That is all the mould line I could find and it took not time to carve out.

Macone Models is listed as the caster and not one that I'm too familiar with. But they've done a good job here capturing the details.

And sadly those details also include the future of my hairline.

Looks greasy and unkempt. Certainly won't be advertising any shampoo any time soon.

What do I think of The Orc?

I love the Lord of the Rings films and frankly this Orc wouldn't look out of place at all. Especially if painted with patchy skin and perhaps some kind of Uruk Hai type warpaint.

Will I paint this? Heck yes. But trying to not make it look like a LotR extra may be pretty impossible. Perhaps a slightly more original look could've been good but with a market with Orcs coming from so many styles, being original is difficult. Games Workshop, Paul Bonner, World Of Warcraft, and others have all had their styles used often and the LotR films did give a more corrupted human (or elven) anatomy a chance. But at least this isn't just a straight copy from a film image like many often are when created.

This will be fun to paint dirty and really battle worn. It screams aggression without even showing a weapon. Very much a classic fantasy creature which you'll find in any fantasy based game whether tabletop or RPG so always good to have at least one in the collection.

Where can I get The Orc?

The Orc can be bought directly from PF Works at for 32€ plus shipping.

Make sure you give them a like on Facebook, a follow on Instagram, or even a subscribe of YouTube to keep up with future releases.

Thank you as always for reading our reviews, stay safe, and enjoy your hobby time.

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