The Sioux Chief, Little Bighorn 1876 from FeR Miniatures

Hello and welcome to another New Review Monday...

This week I am doing something that Steve usually does and this is review a miniature from FeR Miniatures.

But this week it’s on me and I have chosen to review the Sioux Chief, Little Big Horn 1876 bust.

Every year FeR does their Miniatures Day where you can take advantage of big discounts on the whole range.

This is usually my FeR shopping time and this year was time to purchase this Sioux Chief sculpted by Pavol Offo Ove and the Sci-Fi bust sculpted by Romain Van Den Bogaert, Lt Sheeba Shayne.

The Sioux Chief is 1/12 scale and comes in 11 parts. One of the parts is a strip of soft metal which we will discuss shortly. The rest of the parts are resin and all come securely packed in a large blister box...

You know the type, the ones you have to wrestle to get open...

You can pick up a copy for €45.00 direct from FeR Miniatures at

Let’s talk quality.

Taking a look over this cast with my old man broken eyes specs on I went a' hunting for my prey; those pesky mould lines and defects.

They must have heard me coming because they all went into hiding and I couldn’t find any issues worth reporting.

The only mould line present is the one underneath where the mould opened, the mould line carried on onto the material draped over the right arm but someone had taken the time to sit down and clean this off and sent out the product in as best shape as possible to ensure the customer has a quality product and service.

This is the part where I give a little history regarding the reviewed product but we are all aware of how the First Nations of the America’s were and are still treated, not just the American Nations but the Canadian nations right down to the Inca and Mayan nations.

Needless to say, European nations of yester-year systematically oppressed the world but then that in its self is another history lesson.

This character is based on the Battle of the Little Bighorn of 1876 or more commonly known as Custer’s Last Stand.

The Battle gets its name from its location along the banks of the Little Bighorn River.

The battle was the pinnacle of encounters in the Great Sioux War and this encounter saw the US Cavalry being out gunned and overwhelmingly beaten by the combined Lakota, Arapaho and Northern Cheyenne nations lead by Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse and Chief Gall.

I have somewhat of an interest in this period of history and the struggles of the First Nations so this bust was an easy one for me to purchase.

Just a little note to say The First Nations is predominantly used in relation to the Canadian nations such as the Cree amongst others and I am using the term to describe all the nations of the Americas as a lot of people can take ethnical terms and twist the into racist rants, so for this review I am using The First Nations term because all these nations were there way before the pilgrims and other immigrant nations and I feel it is way more respectful than any description given to them by the European settlers of old.

So with the history lesson over I want to take you back to the name Chief Crazy Horse.

The chief bust has been designed with the above battle in mind and I would like to show you a picture of Chief Crazy Horse and one of Chief Gall...

                                                                    Chief Crazy Horse

                                                                         Chief Gall

These images and the sculpture for the Magna Historica range look pretty close to me and although it’s not a million miles away from Chief Gall, I am more inclined to say Crazy Horse if he was a little younger. But you could say Chief Gall but; I will let you guys fight over which is which.

My guess is Chief Crazy Horse, what do you think?

The War Bonnet is really nicely done; I am huge hater of feathers. I can’t paint them, I can’t sculpt them, they are like my all time painting nemesis! Well those and hair...

But this War Bonnet has been done really nicely and Fernando has painted them very cool. He also added the red tails of the detail too. It looks fantastic so when I eventually get round to doing this I think it will challenge me greatly.

But the details of the War bonnet are so cool, which brings us to the face.

Pavol has sculpted this piece really well and the character of this piece is one of being extremely proud.

You can see that the Chief his filled with pride to be the Chief of his nation and who can blame him.

The beaded breast plate is also done well. It is not completely uniform which gives it the edge of realism to suggest it has been worn many times so yet another nice detail.

The Chief is shrouded in a heavy woven blanket which can be painted with the symbolic decorations of tribal art.

The gun is in two parts and the body of the gun is under the blanket so we only have the butt and the barrel.

The barrel part came ever so slightly warped as often happens with thin resin parts but you may be amused or shocked to learn I just dipped it in my cup of tea so soften it to straighten for the review but when it comes to assemble this bust I will again straighten the barrel properly with a hairdryer or hot water.

So what about that thin piece of soft metal I hear you ask?

Well it took me a minute or two to find out what this is for.

On the War Bonnet there are two medallions either side of the head band, and these have ribbons on them.

Well this strip is to cut and attach as the ribbons, meaning you can have them as thin or thick as you desire depending on your aesthetic for this piece.

It’s a nice idea and probably saved a few cents of casting 4 thin strips.

So, to sum up this bust I would really like to say it is as near to top quality as you can get, €45.00 seems a little pricey but you can tell the production costs for this are a little higher than a standard bust so the price I feel is actually a decent price for this piece.

The resin is a nice quality and there are no defects that will require replacing or fixing so I am extremely happy with the quality and this in turn makes me happy as this bust was on my to get list so it is happy days.

If you would like a copy of The Sioux Chief head over to FeR miniatures and check out his other pieces too. 

Don't forget to check them out on their social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Thanks again for reading and remember Don’t Drink the Paint Water...

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