Cozy from Creepytables

This week I am taking a look at a bust that has been available for some time now. It is one of those that stands out above others in its genre.

Cozy by Creepytables is one of the pieces that just hits the mark and outshines many other very elaborate busts purely for its simplicity.

Cozy is a 1:9 scale, one piece resin bust and stands at 80mm tall. Holding a price tag of €45.00 direct from Creepytables at

However; I purchased mine in the UK from the WAMP Store at which is run by a Mr B Johnson... no not that cretin, a totally different cretin! Brett (he is lovely really lol) who has started to stock Creepytables kits in the UK.

So the Creepytables range is one of oddities on a more surreal aesthetic and Cozy stands out in the range as she has exactly zero in common with the rest. Just think of Marilyn Munster from the Munsters TV show... yeah, that is exactly the comparison for this piece in the range.

So straight out of the tube (yes a tube not a box) we see the zip lock bag containing the bust and on inspection of this copy I can see there are no issues to discuss.

The clean up has been done to a decent standard which is a lot better than a lot of big companies will do for a higher price.

The sculpt on this as mentioned was done in 3D by Tamas Sarffi with the idea taken from the concept art by Angel Ganev.

Kinga from Creepy tables saw this design and knew it should be added to the Creepytables range. Pawel and Kinga added Cozy to the range and from what I can tell it has had plenty of attention but I still could not resist in taking a look at it on GMR.

The sculpture itself is such a nice design. The hair is not done in tiny strands like most sculpts but has long wide locks and has been done in a way that will accept light and shade. Enabling this sculpt to stand out in a crowd even more than it does unpainted.

Her face is soft and genteel and reflects a look of peace and serenity. The way her jumper/sweater sleeves are over her fingers as she cuddles a warm cup of cocoa or coffee after a day out in the cold and she is now sat by the window watching the world warm and cosy.

The sculptor has captured the artwork very well and the only sharp edges on the whole sculpture are the eyelashes.

Sculpted eyelashes, eye brows and pupils fix a pose in place so as it stands Cozy will be painted in many different ways but will always have the same expression on her face unless you take the time to fill in the pupils and adjust her line of sight. Maybe this will give a little extra humanity to the feel of the sculpt but that is just me thinking of ways to be different.

As I digress, lost in the world of conversion I come back to reality and I am still seeing Cozy as a stand out piece amongst its peers in the sculpting world.

It is not often we get miniatures to stand out as many producers follow trends and tend to put out generic 3D sculpts or everyone does an orc, barbarian, dwarf, dragon, vampire, or Nazi. Or simply thieves ideas from others and floods the market with unlicensed copies of TV and Film characters.

In my opinion the hobby has become saturated in generic, static, boring pieces and it is increasingly hard to find things to review that you guys haven’t already seen a gazillion times already with the exception of several companies.

Cozy is one of those pieces that when it’s painted well it looks outstanding and in my opinion it always will be.

I think Cozy will always feature in my list of top 10 busts of recent times and I hope you guys find one in your stash because I think Cozy is going to be one people will want if it ever stops being produced. But for now it is available and you guys can grab it direct from your friendly online store providing they stock Creepytables kits haha... 

So in closing I can safely say Cozy is a firm favourite of mine and at 1:9 scale it will be a joy to paint eventually...

Till then my GreyMountain just got a little taller so as I shuffle of to my hobby room I would like to say thanks for reading and to urge you all to remember not to drink the paint water.

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