Freedom, Fallen Hero from Abyssoul Miniatures

This week, I return with something that has been available for a while and has been on my radar since release. 

Fausto the owner of Abyssoul was happy to hear I would be doing the review and it has taken many weeks for me to give this piece the Normski treatment.

You guys n gals know I love to show the negatives of a model as quality to me is important when we lay out so much cash for miniatures we love. So without further-a-do, let’s see what we get for our hard earned cash with this release from Abyssoul Miniatures.

Right off the bat I liked this miniature as it is done in the style of the first nations of the USA/Canada.

Native American culture is a huge interest of mine; I have a very good friend over in Canada who is full blood Cree so this also piques my interest in any miniature base around the First Nations or the Native American culture.

The artwork for this miniature caught my attention as you could see all the soul pulling his out of his body as he slips into the deep dark caused by his injuries.

I was however slightly disappointed the souls were not part of the final miniature but a 3D print out of the souls would be amazing, don’t you think?

So what do we get for our €55.00?

In the box we have 2 business card art cards with various artist and company info on them and 9 parts all cast in resin inside two zip lock bags. Each part is really nicely cast and the scale comes in at 90mm size.

I know you are accustomed to me pulling out negatives therefore I will start with the only negative, and that is the souls in the background of the art would have made this piece a really nice piece instead of a simple nice piece.

There are mould lines on the weapons but they are pretty fine and will require limited attention. There are mould lines on the torso but again, they are really fine and will be gone with a flick of a blade so I can’t really make a fuss over them at all.

I tried a dry fit of pieces and it fits together fine. There will be some slight gaps to fill but that is expected with a multipart kit.

I find the muscle tone to be done well and from what I can tell the anatomy is fine too. The right leg comes separate and has a nicely sculpted stitched leather armour patch on his thigh. So aesthetically, I think this miniature has been done very well.

Freedom, Fallen Hero is a dark and dramatic piece and I feel it needs to be painted in a moody dark way with a zenithal light as his soul is rising to become part of the great creator’s kingdom.

The resin is quite nice. When you touch it you can tell it will be easier to work with, unlike some of those plastic type resins which have no forgiveness and are a pig to prep. The resin Abyssoul has used is luckily one of the nicer resins and will smooth out quite well.

From the 9 parts you get 2 weapon options for the right hand and a dagger for the left so you get to choose what weapon you prefer or just make your own if you are into converting miniatures.

There is a feathered head dress which is sculpted nicely as feathers suck to sculpt so well done Valerio...

There is an arrow that is a tiny bit of scenery to place on your base should you desire to.

The loin cloth has been done in 2 parts so this again will require filling but an accomplished hobbyist should see that done quickly and if a novice hobbyist attempts it I suggest just taking things slowly so you don’t get messy trying to prepare that miniature for painting.

There is no scenic base with Freedom, Fallen Hero so you will have plenty of fun making your own and using the arrow just for the bit of extra detail.

Final thoughts

All in all for what it is I am happy to have purchased the miniature.

Freedom, Fallen Hero comes from the Signature Series from Abyssoul where he works with artists and helps them bring their art to life.

Freedom comes from the concept art of Young June Choi and the sculpture was done in 3D by Valerio Carbone. Abyssoul has printed it himself and looking over the cast I can see he has done a great job at avoiding print lines which we see too many times in this already saturated hobby of 3D prints. But this miniature is completely fine and it has translated well into a final cast.

If you wish to take a look at this miniature yourself head on over to Abyssoul at and I am sure Fausto will be happy to ship a copy right over to you. And of course you can follow Abyssoul on social media on Discord, Facebook, and Instagram so give them a like, follow, or join their crew.

Once again I have been nicely surprised with the quality of the miniature and even though I was a bit apprehensive over the price I still went for it as this piece is right up my street genre wise.

Thank you for reading this review, as always please comment don’t be afraid to speak your mind as constructive criticism helps people grow as artists and producers.

So all that is left to say now is enjoy your hobby time and remember don’t drink the paint water.

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