Adamski from Alternity Miniatures

Alternity Miniatures has been running for some time now and have been steadily building their catalogue (currently sitting at 73 various releases!). I thought I would take a look at one of their early busts this week. That being Adamski sculpted by Joao Paulo Ferreira who is no stranger in our reviews.

Yes, this is a single piece bust but the past couple of years has seen quite a few 'academic' busts released and they do make for great practice or entry busts. Especially when you find one priced at just 24€.

Simple packaging with a nice glossy sticker and the bust within a ziplock bag. Nothing amazing but certainly does it's job.

Closer look

That is some serious muscle structure and definition. Especially being and older sculpt. But skin isn't all you're getting here. Bit of cloth to play about with, some hair, and a few cybernetic parts too. And...just the one eye so no panicking about getting eyes lined up.

If you're someone learning about painting volumes then you've likely already been looking at the photos and spotting all those sculpted volumes that you can practice defining.

Quite a lump of excess at the cut off. Took a little time to clip it down and then sand it smooth. But not a huge deal.

Very strong profiles. Like a cross between Arnold Schwarznegger and Dolph Lundgren in their prime. Strong definition without ending up cartoon like. Not bad at all for digital sculpting.

A much better look at those cybernetics too. Will be interesting for some non metallic metal or high contrast true metallic practice.

There really isn't loads that can be said with this bust in all honesty.

One mould line running up the left side of the bust (his left) running from the bottom and up to the hair. Not perfect but some casters would run that cut through areas of detail like the ear or cybernetics which would be a pain for cleaning. As it is, sanding and scraping got that fixed pretty quickly.

My thoughts?

Adamski is definitely something to look at if you're wanting some skin painting practice on a budget. Especially when the design is this good too.

It's really difficult to be unbiased when you find something at a good price with minimal cleaning needed. The resin is good and responds well to sanding the one mould line, and the casting is excellent too. No greasy residue to wash off or holes to be filled.

All in all, a great example to show that a good miniature doesn't need to be jam packed with details and texture when an interesting surface can be enjoyed creatively. 

Where to buy Adamski?

Directly from Alternity Miniatures at They recently gave their web store a face lift too so have a look around.

You can of course keep up to date with releases and news from Alternity Miniatures on Facebook and Instagram, so give them a like or follow.

Thank you for your time, stay safe, and happy hobbying.

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