Mirko & Brego the Prospectors from Valkiria Miniatures

If you remember my last review, I thought it would be my last of the year. But I got a nice surprise when a parcel turned up today (December 22nd) so I thought I would end my review year with a brand new release from a very familiar company to GMR.

Valkiria are one of my favourite companies and I love the pin up style they have produced. I have reviewed a few of their miniatures before. However; Valkiria have started a new range called Terra Ferox which is (loosely) translated by myself from Latin meaning Iron Earth. The Latin for iron is Ferrum and the Latin for Earth is Terra so if Pawel or one of the team would like to validate or crush my assumption; that would be great haha.

This range is a massive change in direction from the pin-up girls and they have launched the range with a very nice duo. So I couldn't really resist giving the start of the new range a going over.

Mirko & Brego the Prospectors are now the stepping stone into the new post apoc/sci-fi. Let’s take a look at the miniatures and see how the premier release has gone.

Mirko & Brego have started the range with the catalogue number of TF-01 and they come in the usual Valkiria box which is a very sturdy box, probably one of the strongest boxes in the hobby. I even had to pull the tab with my teeth to pop the flap open ha ha...

The kit comes in 15 very nicely detailed, 3D sculpted pieces and is at a very nice price. €40.00 for a 75mm kit which includes two miniatures and a base. That’s pretty good if you ask me.

The miniature is sculpted by Borislav Kechashki from the illustration by Borislav Mitkov, and I really do like this kind of kit because you can build a world around it with scenic basing and tell many stories with it.

So let’s take a look at what you get for the price.

Straight out the box we have a base and two zip lock bags.

The base is a scenic base and has a hatchway sculpted on it which implies underground bunker.

Mirko has what looks like a Russian tank crew aesthetic, especially the hat. He carries the prospected goods in a back pack there is even a Russian style star on the belt buckle.

Mirko also has a dagger which looks like the ones the Hitler Youth were given, and has a couple of satchels around his waist.

In the right hand you can see a box with a handle and it looks like a Geiger counter or a metal detector. But I’m more inclined to say it’s a Geiger counter.

Mirko’s left hand is resting on a huge dog.

I am not a dog person so I do not know what breed this is, but it looks like a Saint Bernard with a hair cut? (What do you think it is?).

The dog has a harness on, which will allow for stowage and once assembled this kit looks pretty nice. There is a foldable shovel and pick axe, and another satchel which also fit on the dogs harness.

So let’s look at the quality.

The resin it is cast in is the same as the pin-ups so nothing different there. The casting on the parts is not too bad. There are some fine mould lines and some casting gates to remove but nothing that will cause any great issues in preparation. The worst mould line is underneath the dogs back legs, but it is on a relatively smooth area so won’t take long or be seen.

I can see some lay lines on the uniform of Mirko from when it has been 3D printed but they are not too intrusive. They will still need sanding and buffing if you wish to but are very fine, so thankfully this will not hinder the prep progress very long.

Mirko & Brego are one of those kits that I hope will be seen on many dioramas or scenic bases, and when I first saw the images on Facebook I already had thought of two possible ways I could paint and base them.

With the uncertainty of COVID-19 I can only assume this kit will be picked up by many great painters. Hopefully we will see model shows and competitions coming back to life and Mirko & Brego will hopefully feature in these shows.

I find Valkiria to have started a nice new range and I cannot wait to see what comes next in the Terra Ferox line.

Keep your eye out for this kit and for what will follow.

If you wish to check out all the Valkiria Miniatures products please visit www.valkiria-miniatures.pl and check out the whole store. They are also on social media, on Facebook and on Instagram too.

I would like to thank Pawel Suroweic and the Valkiria team for giving GMR the opportunity to review their products. From Steve and I, we wish all the Valkiria team the best for the Festive Season.

We would also again like to wish all our readers and supporters the very best for this Yule period and hope the New Year treats us all much better.

Thank you once more for reading the blog and taking time to comment either below or on social media and let me just once more for the last time in 2020 advise you all to Not Drink the Paint Water.

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