Juweela scenic products review - part 3

Back in early 2020 I had the joy of getting hands on with some of the scenic products from Juweela. I've also been meaning to dive back in and check out some more but the past year has been a slight roller-coaster.

If you would like to take a look at other product reviews you can find them here:

This time around I have three products to show you:
  • Flexyway Brick Wall
  • Concrete Plate with Steel Mat
  • Concrete Plate with Steel Mat, Window

I won't hold things back and take a dive straight in.

Brick Wall Flexyway

I don't have any packaging as this is a sample of their Brick Wall Flexyway. Just some bubblewrap to protect it in transit. But what I opened was an interesting surprise.

Two highly flexible sheets covered in the ceramic Juweela bricks like a premade wall or even brick paving. Now if you've read any of the previous reviews you will know I love the way those bricks damage and break. It's just spot on for a good bit of realism. But building a wall or paving a floor takes time and just a little cursing (okay, perhaps more than a little) as you glue them together.

This will just save loads of time and once you run some fine filler between those separate bricks then you're pretty much done save for painting.

You can see from the photos that you can easily create various shapes.

Want to make a sewer segment...stick it to the inside of a tube.
Curved bank for some skateboard using miniatures...stick it to a shaped piece of foam.
Double sided brick wall...fold it over, stick it to itself, and perhaps stick some larger shapes on top to cap the wall off.

I found that I could slick or tear the backing sheet with ease. Cut the bricks on the sheet with a Stanley knife. And pick individual bricks out of place if I want hole in a wall or ground work.

They also sell a few other types looking more like cobbles, and even a jointing compound for that proper paving look.

Now I just need to come up with projects to really make the most of it, though you can see it in use further down.

Concrete Plate with Steel Mat

Next up we have the Concrete Plate with Metal Mat which will easily fit with most scales and sizes of miniatures ranging from most games up to 54mm. Although you may even find a use for them within basing for up to 75mm size figures depending on what you're looking for.

Sold with nine in a pack, you should have enough to do small dioramas or just adding that extra touch of detail to a display base.

Definitely has that concrete look nailed down and if you look you can make out where the wire mesh runs inside each piece.

Again made with the ceramic material that Juweela often use so I was looking forward to seeing how these break up. Bit odd looking forward to breaking things in this hobby but there is just something satisfying about breaking Juweela products.

However; I realised that I couldn't break these by hand like I could with the Concrete Paving Slabs in a previous review. Didn't want to go at them with clippers or a hammer. Then I realised something...at the age of 43...I don't own any pliers!!! Yup...how I will never know. Luckily I noticed that the inside of my wire clippers has a plier like grip. Bit big and awkward for what I wanted to do but needs must.

First thing first...go easy. If you press too hard with pliers while twisting you can end up breaking off more than you intend. You could of course glue bits of the rubble back on to the mesh. Otherwise though restraining yourself from continuing to pull it apart is the hard part.

And just look at that rubble you get too. Talk about perfect damaged concrete and reinforcing mesh. Just what every post apocalyptic and sci-fi scene needs. And yes...I've collected everything that broke off the slab.

Concrete Plate with Steel Mat, Window

The Concrete Plate with Steel Mat, Window is similar to the previous product, sold in packs of nine, and breaks up in the same way. But as you may notice, the mesh doesn't run through the whole piece. Which is a bit of a shame.

The shape gives you a hint of space where a window could've been and you could combine slabs to make a full window space in a concrete wall.

You can see I went a little slower on this piece...apart from snapping the smaller part off completely that is. Oops.

Will be easy to make bullet and shrapnel marks in too. Just limited to what you can come up with really.

Now I can't show basing materials without putting them together in some way can I?! So out came the blutac and a 1/35th scale figure from Alternity Miniatures.

360 base example video

I'm still getting used to videoing and minor editing so bare with me. I'm sure that by our 3rd birthday that I'll have it nailed...maybe.

Final thoughts

I didn't used all the rubble I had made, just a bit to give you an idea of what can be achieved quite quickly. If you then went to the next stage of mixing in other products from Juweela like their Rusty Waste and you'll have more of a story. Add some other bits like tufts and basing pastes from other companies and you're flying.

Simply put, I really enjoy working with Juweela products and if it wasn't for already having a project backlog would find myself making more bases and scenes to paint up. The goal for doing that is certainly there that is for certain. I honestly have to say that if you're still unsure then test out their products with a Juweelinis set which gives you a taster of a few different products to wet the appetite.

Where can I get Juweela products?

Now here is the tricky part. Juweela do not sell directly but they supply different hobby stores around the world. So here are two options to check out:
You can find Juweela on social media at their Facebook page which is a good place to see their new products in advance, so give them a like.

All that is left is to say thank you for your time and support, stay safe, and happy hobbying.

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