Manticore from Atlantis Miniatures

Here at GMR we often swap from display type products to gaming products and today is one of those days.

Atlantis Miniatures have been around a few years now but I don’t see many customers showing off their kits, so I contacted Dan Jacks, the owner and sculptor of the Atlantis Miniatures range and asked if he would like us to promote his brand. Dan being a very cool guys and a good friend in the community, he was all too happy for us to put a review together to aid in showing the community what Atlantis Miniatures is all about.

So today I am going to start by showing off the Manticore from the mythology range.

When assembled the kit stands and a very nice height of 125mm and a wing span of 160mm. Sculpted for the wargaming size of 28-32mm, Dan has not shirked on the detail. If you take a close look at the pieces you can see he has sculpted the fur really well, and this will translate into the paint work as he has left so much scope for any level of ability whether beginner or master level.

The scales and tail of the scorpion parts are perfectly done too and they are not just smooth they have texture too so again you can go nuts on the details if you wish. The bat wing membrane again is so packed with detail you will not be sorry to have purchased this kit.

I do not usually assemble review kits as I usually like to store them away in boxes. But for this series of reviews I want to show the kits on the bench and not just in parts so you get the full idea of what Atlantis kits are about.

Let’s take a look at the kit before we get the glue out...

As you can see including the base you get 7 parts. All cast really nicely as the details are very sharp with no dull edges.

Most of the Atlantis beasts come with a scenic base which is a nice option if you don’t make your own.

The base itself is sculpted pretty nice too. A rocky outcrop with some tree stumps twisting their way around the stony ground trying to find a nice moist home for those roots. But they have been felled so roots at this point are pointless haha... Dan has even sculpted the rings in the tree and according to the rings they are really old trees, if you know what I’m babbling about (enter winky emoji here)...

And the cast quality as you know is my bugbear, so what does that look like?

Well; on his kit I can see mould lines on the inside of the hind left leg and a very fine one running up the fur on the tail. Although the mould line is running up the fur is a very fine one, so not intruding in the detail too much but this will take the longest to clean up.

So, all in all the cast quality is pretty good.

The material is more rigid than previous early resin kits, so I assume it will be a plastic compound. With this is mind I will prep the model and report on what the material is like to work with.

Ok, I have been sat at my bench and I have cleaned and assembled the kit. The material cleans up pretty well. I was expecting to have a bit of a fight on my hands but it went surprisingly quickly maybe 10 to 15 minutes max. The mould lines responded well to a sharp blade and sanded smooth too. So as far as the clean up goes it is pretty easy so the material is fine to work with.

The assembly also went great, all the sockets accepted the parts perfectly and there will be some filling needed and some fur texture to hide the gaps but for a basic gaming piece you don’t really need to do that kind of extensive preparation. But if you are taking it to a display level it will be worth putting the effort in.

As you can see by the images the model is quite impressive to look at.

But the individual pieces are just as impressive when looked at closely.

The lions face is just packed full of detail and muscle tone with it posed roaring like the magnificent beast it is.

The mane is sculpted nice and overlaps the fur on the back well so just a bit of filling to do there.

The wings as mentioned earlier are full of textures and detail and the scorpion tail is just spot on.

I put the scenic base on the black base that comes with it and surrounded it with dirt and once painted I will add foliage for extra detail...

So, what do you think my summary will say?

If you think I like it then you are only partly right because I really like this kit and I am impressed with what Dan has created. It assembles well, it looks insane when together, and it will paint up like a dream...

The Manticore comes in right now at £50.00. You are saving £15 so if you want on get in quick before the sale ends. This is a magnificent looking beast and is well worth a purchase.

If you wish to take a look at it and maybe peruse the whole range then go to and check it out you will not be disappointed.

Check them out on social media too so you can keep up to date via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Dan has kindly sent several pieces to look at so please tune in to my next review to see what I think of the next kit.

I will hopefully see you next time and thank you for reading the reviews we put out on GMR and enjoy your hobby but please do remember not to drink the paint water...

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  1. Ye, have to say thats a nice sculpt for a 28mm figure. N the details are great too!

    1. Go check out their range too. Quite a variety (no Eldar though. Sorry).


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