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Today on GMR we are taking a look at a new product from a new company run by a very well established artist in this hobby.

Sebastian Archer is up in the highest echelons of artists; when we think of inspirational characters, Seb is definitely one of them. I have known Seb now for what seems like an age. I started my Journey into the display side of the hobby way back in 2012 when I first found the WAMP forum which you can find at Back then I was simply painting gaming miniatures and through meeting the guys on there I was shown a whole new world. Seb was one of the members always showing amazing paint jobs and sculptures and this was indeed inspiring. He has sculpted many of his own miniatures and lots more for other ranges more recently sculpting a lot of the Twisted Game range he started with Peter Overton.

Now Seb has begun a new venture launching his own brand Veiled Lamp and the sculpture that has launched the range is called Persephone Enters the Underworld.

Persephone if you do not know is the Queen of the Underworld and the Wife of the God Hades. She is known as the goddess of Spring Growth. Her parents are Zeus and Demeter which makes her husband her uncle as Hades is the brother of Zeus.

Hades drags Persephone to hell to become his wife but Zeus made Hades give her back. Due to Persephone eating a single pomegranate seed in hell it prevented her release completely, so now she spends four months in the underworld and comes out in the spring.

Sebastian has taken this Greek mythological character and produced his first bust for Veiled Lamp.

What does it look like?

Well let’s see...

I was sent a promo copy of the bust to review which arrived safely with the copy I ordered too. When I opened the box I saw this very well presented rigid presentation box.

It has a lace ribbon on the top and held in place by a red cord clipped with I assume is a pomegranate slice.

On looking inside the box which, with my OCD, I had to slide the cord off and not cut it haha.

Inside the wood shavings packaging was three parts. The torso, the arm, and the head ornament.

The art card has the artwork of Nicolas Amoroso on the front with the details of the bust on the reverse.

The box art was painted by Seb for his entry into the Crystal Dragon comp over in Australia.

In hand, the resin is really nice quality and the cast quality is superb. In my search for issues I literally found one mould line under the left arm pit and it was tiny. The rest had been cleaned to a pro standard which just says a lot about this product. The cast is almost spotless and the details are just so fine.

Persephone is a 1/12 scale bust and is a very reasonable $70 Aus which is roughly about £39.00 and about €45.00. And for this quality I find that blows many big producers out of the water with their quality and excuses.

The flowers around the head are simply spot on, nice and crisp and full of detail and will look insane once painted.

Material folds and creases are done nicely. Nothing looks exaggerated or forced, it all falls as you would expect.

The brooches on the head ornament and the dress shoulders are nicely done and I can see some shiny gem paint jobs coming from those. Necklace and the bird skulls are excellent too.

Her hair and the ear rings again are amazing with so small detail, it's mind blowing which brings us to the facial features.

When this bust is just resin you can see the pain in the expression on her face, the teeth and the mouth are amazingly done, all on show as she cries out for help.

I am not a fan of sculpted pupils on busts as they set the story in place where non-sculpted eyes lets the painter express their own thoughts on to a project. But this is a set piece and the eyes tell the story being written by her expression.

Getting dragged to hell I can guess would be an ordeal and very disturbing for some.

The arm and head ornament are sculpted amazingly too and there is literally no clean up to do, except that of removing the casting gates. This will take no time at all with the nice resin it is cast in.

I know this bust is a limited run to 100 pieces but there are still copies available on the site so, if this is your kind of subject then head over to and grab yourself a copy.

The Veiled Lamp is as I have said, Sebastian Archer's new brand and with that you just know you are getting quality. With brands like Twisted and Guild of Harmony under his belt we can see these just scratch the surface of Seb’s career. If you Google his name you will see many pieces painted and sculpted by him for many companies, so this should set you on the right path to discovering what is coming from him and Veiled Lamp in the future.

Do not hesitate to pick up a copy of this piece as at only 100 copies, you will surely miss out if this piece floats ya boat.

As mentioned, Seb is already established but has pushed this range back towards the display side of the hobby with this new venture. So as we need new and exciting miniatures in this STL flooded market, lets show support for new brands and I will be watching closely to see what comes out next from the Veiled Lamp.

You can find Veiled Lamp on social media on Facebook and Instagram so give them a follow for future news.

Thanks for reading this review and I hope it helps you decide on your next purchase. If it does please let us and Veiled Lamp know you we recommended by GMR.

Thanks again and remember while you are deep in your hobby mind, please do not drink the paint water.

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