Forest Wyrm from Atlantis Miniatures

Hello and welcome back to the next GreyMountain review. 

Today we return to a familiar producer at GMR as we take a look at the Atlantis Miniatures Forest Wyrm from the Elven Kickstarter range. Currently shipping and a lot of happy people should have nice parcels turning up right about now.

So let’s take a look at the Wyrm and see what it is like.

The Forest Wyrm comes in 3 piece of grey plastic-like material.

As it is part of the Elven Kickstarter it is not yet available on the store. But it was shown with a RRP of £65 which was reduced to £55 for the campaign.

Each part fits together nicely but will require some filling due to the nature of the cuts along muscle tone and scales.

Dan has called this a Forest Wyrm but the anatomy suggests it is a member of the centipede family as it has an armoured torso, many legs, and simply looks hungry for adventurer’s heads nom nom.

Talking about the head; this is the most expressive part of the kit and you can see that it has many teeth and will make short work of what ever goes in its mouth. I just love how mean this thing looks in its defensive stance with the intent to strike.

If you and your fellowship round a corner and see this then it was nice knowing you all haha...

I have sat with this kit in my hand just looking it over and it has been sculpted really well. The scales and armour are all really nice with no dull edges or flat details.

The way Dan has sculpted it curled around a tree section gives it that extra cinematic feel. Like something out of a Ray Harryhausen movie.

This kit is no shrinking violet either it stands at a little over 90mm in height so is going to look very imposing on the table top.

Whether you play D&D or fantasy battles, this creature will not let you down with how cool it will be to come up against. Let us hope one of your D&D characters has a bit of Dr Doolittle in them haha.

As mentioned above, preparation for this kit will comprise of some strong superglue and a ring of putty to squash the parts together then shaping the putty to the anatomy textures. It is not an easy task but anyone with any experience should not have too much trouble completing the prep.

As mentioned, the Forest Wyrm is not available on the store just yet but once all the elven pledges are taken care of you will see it appear ready for you to snap up.

Head over to and check out all the good stuff and to keep an eye open for the Forest Wyrm general release, you won’t be disappointed.

Yes, this one is short and sweet but with only 3 parts to exhibit there is not a great deal to discuss. But I am happy to share it with you because this kit is amazingly detailed and once the paint hits it then this kit will blow your gaming buddies minds.

Well thanks for reading this I know it didn’t take you long but with valuable hobby time to be had let’s not beat around the bush...

The kit is sculpted perfectly and I cannot find fault with it at all so keep they hobby love going and let’s see more of these kits painted and displayed.

Please enjoy your hobby time and remember to not drink the paint water...

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