The Heresiarch from Indaco Models

After a couple of questionable weeks of hiccups, I've got my act together(ish) and actually put a review together. Even managed a video too!

Now and then a new company pops up so it's nice to be able to show you the first release from Italy's Indaco Models; The Heresiarch.

Simple but effective box with company logos, site and social media info, and company ethos/message printed on the sides and bottom. Then a sticker on the lid showing concept art in black & white, plus the name of the figure.

Does the job and looks good too.

One thing I love is knowing who did what and Indaco Models do not disappoint on that:

Lifting the lid you find an art card/ proof of genuine product. I've only showed the front because the back has some info which I'll leave you to find.

The nest of black shredded paper is really tightly packed. Zero chance that anything in this box is moving. I'd perhaps suggest putting in a bit less to save on packing costs in the long run.

All the parts for the figure were well laid out with minimal chance of contact between them.

What's inside?

Two loose parts and two zip lock bags holding all the parts. No digging to try and find anything and panicking that something may be missing.

A total of thirteen pieces. Might seem a lot but you have two head and hand options, two pendent options, and two horns for one of the heads.

Nothing major jumping out at all from a quick look over which is always a good sign.

Closer look

Always have to dive right in and get a close look at things. Obviously the first thing that jumps out is the blue resin. Something to help know that you have an original product for certain. However, I did find the usual mould line hunt trickier than on grey resin so it wouldn't surprise me if some pop out and say hello after priming.

There's some nice details here and an aged and wisened look to his face.

Some sculpted surface texture is present on the hood, however; there is also print lines. Yes, they are fine but if you usually paint thinly then these may stay visible frustratingly. If you know me you'll know how I get with this.

The other head is much more classic evil sorcerer. Skull face and four horns, just in case you like painting a bit of bone.

Lovely deep and well defined sockets for the extra two horns to attach too. Something common across most of the figure.

As for mould lines; these are mainly found under the neck and collar on both heads. Only managed to spot a little fine line on the sides of the hoods which easily scrapped off.

Someone must've spent some time looking at goat horns. That pair looks spot on with some great ridges and curls.

Honestly, that mould line you can see on one horn is one of the most visible across all the kit.

Plenty of textures and trinkets to paint so you can have some fun and get creative.

Details and material folds are well defined on the whole. Just a key that could've perhaps been sculpted a little deeper, but that is it.

Again, mould lines are almost non-existent and you can see there has been some cleaning done prior to packing. Something that is always appreciated.

Earlier I mentioned how good the connections sockets are across this figure on the whole. Bur sadly there are none on the bottom of the feet to connect into place on the huge cross. Little surprised by that seeing that everything else is so well done.

Bit of drilling and pinning sorts that out but it feels like an oversight.

Skeletor isn't the only blue person with a skull staff (sorry, couldn't resist). This one has way more keys and horns coming from the eye sockets. Good design and not just the typical horned skull which is a nice change.

Can see another example of the print lines here. It is zoomed in don't forget so don't panic. Light sand and priming should blend those hopefully.

I promise I won't make any jokes about wizards sleeves.. dammit. Sorry children.

Certainly an interesting fashion choice.

The two optional hands for you depending if you fancy the open hand or a fancy sorcery type orb. Both with great hand poses.

You can see the other mould line on the back of the orb hand. Have to be careful cleaning that one up. Or you could do a slight manicure on the open hand if that's your preference.

Talking of detail, the book design is excellent. Really giving that magical tome feel. Quite fitting for a necromancer or warlock.

Lastly you have the ample scenic base sporting a massive cross. Something has been heavily destroyed and it gives you a little story too, however you choose to interpret it.

Clean up is pretty much kept to the bottom which helps. Though some printing can be seen in the flat areas on the cross.

There are a couple of faint outlines for where to position the feet but like I said before, it's a shame there weren't more sturdy connections to the feet.

360 video

I managed to get organised and record some video with both head and hand option.

Final thoughts

On the whole this figure has an interesting look to it with plenty of materials and details to play about with and paint. Interesting pose along with good solid sculpting so clothing looks like it has a bit of weight and folds well.

The only things that I'm not really convinced on is, like I've mentioned a few times; the printing lines. It's a shame the master print wasn't cleaner as I find those lines quite distracting. Even when there's only a few. The other thing is more to do with the balancing of the pose on the cross. I just hope he has some good grip on those boots. But that again is a personal thing with my odd way of overthinking things (especially considering this is a fantasy setting).

Overall though, a good, strong first release for Indaco Models and they already have their second release up for pre-order (or sale depending on when you read this). Again it is a figure with a pretty original look to it so hopefully they continue to give their releases an original feel and keep things fresh. Well done.

The Heresiarch actually has a backstory on their web site too so give that a read if you want to know more about the character here.

Where to buy?

You can buy The Heresiarch directly from Indaco Models at
The site also has additional lore so it looks like the plan is to create a setting around their releases rather than just release figures.

If you're in the UK, don't stress. Mr Lee's Minis is the UK stockist and it's available at

Indaco is of course also on social media so give them a look and like/follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Thank you for your valuable time as always and I hope you're managing to find some quality hobby time. 

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