Is it worth the price?

With today being the first day back for myself; I want to discuss something that happens in the community way too much and it seems to be widely accepted all across the industry. I personally feel that companies should be held accountable for this practice and customers should not have to put up with it.

We all work hard for the money we earn and when traders take advantage of us, and expect people to accept it (because it is part of the hobby), this becomes a slap in the face of the customer as the company is shirking their responsibility to provide what they expect from a purchase.

What am I talking about?

Well if you have not already guessed, it is simple.

Value for Money?

Before I begin; I want to say this also applies to companies who rebrand products while claiming they are original...and charge above premium prices for the pleasure. 

The community will no doubt be divided on this as I think customers defend companies out of some twisted loyalty and this is part of the problem. 

So why have I chosen to discuss this? 

Well...I purchased the Queen of Clubs which is one of the more recent Kimera Models releases and I was quite happy to buy it as I liked the figure and the Riccardo Agostini paint job on the box art sold this model to me, so I went for it. Now; as Brexit has screwed over the UK, I looked at stockists within the UK and purchased it from a very reliable store. The miniature was not cheap, as a lot of Kimera/Pegaso stuff is premium priced. 

I took delivery and on opening I immediately noticed the quality and my disappointment was instant. I put the miniature aside for around a week, mulling over what to do with it as I was intending to review it but felt if I did there would be nothing good to say about it. So I spoke to one of the Kimera guys to inform them of my disappointment and said I would be seeking a refund. However; this is not the first time Kimera have let me down with quality. So I decided to do a review anyway. 

This will probably see Kimera Models never feature on GreyMountain Reviews ever again and will no doubt ruffle a few feathers. But when a trader consistently releases poorly cast miniatures, and commands premium prices, and does not care or listen to solid feedback, or take ownership of reported issues...then why should we as customers accept the products sold to us? 

Let’s take a look at some images...

Why are Kimera letting this kind of quality get to the customer?

The caster of these kits has seriously rendered the kit useless. Yes it is resin. Yes it can be sanded and smoothed...but this would take hours.

And why should we have to sit for hours and prepare a miniature with this kind of obscene quality just because the company tells us this IS part of the hobby as this is highly unacceptable?

Moulds cut across detail is the worst way to cut open a mould. Every caster in the world should know this. Any caster who does not agree is obviously not a good caster.

Moulds should be cut in a way that minimises the mould line and lessens the preparation time for the customer.

Is this quality justifiable? I think not!

The torso has a flat spot all the way down the side where someone has just scraped a mould line away without a thought for the curve of the dress. Now although this is not a disaster, it will still require time spent reshaping the curve.

The mould line across the head that goes through sculpted delicate detail is atrocious. Which caster would honestly think that was the best way to open the mould?

Kimera also pre assemble parts to combat recasters.

While this is a noble task, the head dress on this kit was pre assembled without any clean up prior to assembly. The head dress does not sit in its socket correctly and the mould lines underneath will be vary awkward to remove, then fill and sand the gaps to a level a display model would need to achieve.

And last but not least; there is a bubble on the back of the collar that someone has seen fit to fill using a clear type of filler.

Who sends that kind of quality to a customer and expects not to receive a complaint?

Am I being overly harsh?

No; I believe I am more than justified to voice my disappointment.

I am aware however that I am not the only one who has returned a Kimera product and I can imagine it will happen more in the future if this kind of quality is not rectified in the production process.

This issue is not limited to Kimera alone and I am aware of several premium companies who send out substandard products and ignore the feedback that is given. Will the premium priced resin producers listen to this feedback or will they just deny the issues exist? Who knows?

How many customers out there will look at this and think it is part of the hobby?
How many look at this and feel as outraged as I do?

Would you put up with a brand new car that you had to pull a dent out of on delivery or watch a brand new TV with a cracked screen? No you would would, every single time, return it and complain. So why put up with premium quality products that are sub standard and say its all part of the hobby?

Why do customers feel they have to fall in line with this hobby-wide opinion instead of asking for a better product?

If true value for money was given in this hobby then articles like this would never be written.

If you buy a product from ANY company not just in the hobby but worldwide, and it comes with any defects that render the product useless then why accept it and why not hold manufacturers accountable for their mistakes? Mistakes are made no one is perfect, but when the mistakes are consistent then this becomes and issue.

To round off this report I am going to say the quality of this kit has ruined it for me. What should have been a pleasurable experience was once again soured by poor production. I for one will not spend any more of my money on a Kimera pieces and I am more than sure my custom won’t be missed.

So, tell me...

Have you had this experience with Kimera or any company in the hobby and if so did you seek a refund or replacement?

I will be seeking a refund for this as I have already instigated the process.

If you would like to discuss this in the comments and let us know of your experiences in the hobby then please do. We would be happy to read your thoughts.

Thank you for reading this and I hope to be back soon to aid you in your hobby search.

Have fun with whatever you do and remember to not drink the paint water.

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Almost every resin and metal figure kits that I bought in the last few years were full of problems.
      Offset mould lines, seam lines, casting bubbles, detail missing, broken parts, missing parts, cheap resin.
      It took couple of months just to get the replacement parts and they were not much better than before and
      not to mention time wasted and create anxiety.
      Pegaso, Mitches Military, RP had replaced faulty parts promptly in the past. The most disappointed thing that I have bought has to be Bonapartes Samurai bust.
      I even got insulted by them.

    2. Here is another one from Pegaso

    3. Hi Yellowcat.

      I've seen and followed those on PF and very much remember you having some bad experiences too. Especially the bust from Bonapartes which was a shame as it looked promising.

      Thank you for the comment and I hope you're safe and well.

  2. So glad you've had the courage to put this review up. I also love these sculpts and thought about maybe getting them myself. After this review I certainly won't unless I see things have improved casting wise. Too many companies get away with sub standard products in this hobby because as you say it's 'part' of the hobby or it's just a model it's all part and parcel of it. Try telling that to Bandai! Their plastic models clip together perfectly, without glue! I've also found companies have increased prices a lot over the last couple of years and we keep getting told that these costs are justifiable for all the work that goes into them. I can't say whether that's true or not but when you see quality like this you certainly do want to question it. Thanks for a great review again.

    1. Hi Craig.

      I've done a few Bandai Gundam kits in the past 6 months. Crazy just how well they go together without any glue at all. And how well the sprues/runners are laid out. Not to mention cheap for what you get but they are a ginormous company in comparison.

  3. Absolutely well said , the quality of this model was disgraceful. I think in general any consumer would rely on honest genuine reviews whether good or bad to influence their purchases I know I do for every important purchase I make. In my experience with Kimera their customer service was shocking with a faulty product which took months to acknowledge then resolve. Hopefully Kimera will take this review as a wake up call to improve as a business and not just dismiss as negative media. Keep up the good work lads your reviews are invaluable to newcomers to the hobby.

    1. Thank you and definitely spot on about about a hopeful wake up. And for other companies too who are happy to set a premium price but maybe lack on the quality control side of things.

  4. I have had some bad casts in my time. Reaper have had some terrible ones BUT their customer service is second to none and quickly corrected. That I don't actually mind as stuff happens in any manufacturing process. Confrontation had a pretty crappy service and some of the mould lines were a nightmare to remove and even broke up some models in cleaning.

    Basically, I don't mind manufacturing errors if there is good CS. Purely designed models stop me purchasing models - yes Warmachine/ hoarder I am looking at you.

    Mould lines across the hair drive me insane because unless a lot of time spent on them you will always see them. So why the frikk have it there!!!

    Enough ranting!!

    1. Confrontation was a fair time ago now and likely if they were still around would've (hopefully) improved on quality too. But I totally agree with what you're saying.

  5. This is why I completely turn out of resin and paint mainly GW plastic stuff. Yes, there are more reasons for my decision, but Russian lottery with cast is big part of it.

    1. Worst thing is that the legit Russian companies I've looked at are actually really good quality though it's mainly historical miniatures.

      If you're talking in regards to other Russian products...aka recasts. Don't even entertain them. They are pirates which is the politest I can say it. If you're looking for legitimate sellers, please look at our traders page.

    2. I bought recast once and I'm not proud of. It end in bin and I'm fighting with recasting how I can. Never been in Russia or bought from them. Russians, Polish, Chinese, Vietnamese recasters, all these fuckers damage this hobby. But this article is not about recasting. Bad cast made by premium companies damage this hobby too. This is why I mention Russian roulette(bad written as lottery, sorry my fault).

    3. Funny that you mention Polish too as there are a few casters there who actually cast for some well known companies. It's a tricky situation but I know you're referring to those recasters rather than those creating legitimate products.

    4. yes, I have no problem with companies with original products, without difference of country.

  6. Had a issue with MMM with the Revolution kit. Bended carriage, wheels, barrel and not sharp casting of the figure. After complainin I got new wheels, new carriage and a barrel. They gave me 2 right wheels. So I stopped complaining. Then I got a email of Ross son. He said I was a good painter but a very bad modeller. I was even forbidden to join all the next competitions where he sponsored a figure. He asked me never paint a figure from MMM. I had still two kits (over the top) and kit of two imperial guards. Well, these are just as bad cast as the Revolution. And for those prices near to € 200,- you can always expect better.

    1. Ouch. I've heard of some questionable customer service but that is really bad.

    2. "A very bad modeler" because you complained about their bad castings and they prefer you fixed it yourself? Look at their 1/10th vive lempereur, col-burthe 4th hussars the casting is so bad. For the price and size for that kit, casting should be faultless not to mention cheap resin too.


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