Obligatory introduction

As I suppose is customary an introduction of sorts is in order to give you an idea of who GreyMountain Reviews are and what we aim to do really, so here goes.

GreyMountain Reviews is made up of two people who have been able to make some awesome contacts within the world of miniatures through shear charm and being the amazing people they are...ok, so it's more luck, being enthusiastic, honest, and more than a bit cheeky. One is a major hugger though I hear that's quite common with him coming from the North of England (UK). The other is a Londoner who finds it tricky to say no to projects like this one.

Introducing, Normski Ealand (left) and Steve Haydon (right).

I'll hand you over to Normski for his brief biog:

Hello and welcome to the review blog, I had this idea to bring good honest no smoke blowing reviews into the hobby as my feed in Facebook just became littered with trash ads and poor quality high priced trend filling pieces.
My love for the hobby sometimes sees me get a bit peeved at some producers, specially the intellectual property thieves.

some of you already know me but if you don't I have worked with FPM and Initiative Magazine so have had plenty of experience and been coached by some of the hobbies nicest guys.. 

My background in the hobby like most comes from Armour and aircraft kits moving to Games Workshop and through other systems to display pieces so I've had quite a varied hobby life but I am now mainly into painting busts but my wallet keeps buying more and more small scale haha.. hence the Grey Mountain.. you know you all have one..


I had this idea but was not sure if i could do this as a one man band, so Steve was asked to join in.. luckily he agreed. I know Steve wont blow smoke either he also has much experience with blogs being Mr Forte..

So my intention is to bring you high quality pieces of all scales from across the globe, with the support of producers we hope this adventure brings you guys happy reading and facilitates the online presence off all involved.

Back to Steve...

Speaking for myself (the younger and taller one); I first started with miniatures at a grand age of 6 with an Airfix T-Rex kit and spent quite a few years making planes and tanks. Didn't discover fantasy miniatures and gaming until around 10 when I started a long stint collecting Games Workshop like many of us. Even working for them for a couple of years back in 1996. Only really painted sporadically until 2006 when I became quite active on Bolter & Chainsword as Forté. 

I had become a bit bored with how I was painting and felt there must be more. Then I found the Massive Voodoo blog which gave me a new and fresh look at miniatures and painting that I'd been missing. Since then I've been pretty active on social media, especially Facebook which has shown me all sorts of miniatures in many styles, scales, and genres.

With this blog we aim to supply a review service for available miniatures and related products that is as honest and constructive as buyers and manufacturers deserve. Without honesty a customer can have too high an expectation for a product and a manufacturer cannot grow and improve. We hope this is something that may be of interest to you. Our Facebook page will be updated when new content is created too so give it a follow please.

What we will not do however is review miniatures without intellectual property rights. Using someone else's work to produce something for commercial gain is something we don't agree with as all people involved in the creation and sale of a miniature should benefit in some way and without concept art and ideas many miniatures would not exist. Pay for the art you use.

And lastly...

Never buy a recast miniature. It harms the manufacturers and leads to them closing. That is a seriously bad thing for the hobby as a whole.

Some guidelines to avoiding recasts: 
          > Buy from official stores or buy direct from the brand/sculptor,
          > Make sure there is original packaging,
          > If the price seems too cheap it is likely a recast.

Buying a recast can result is cheap poisonous resin, low quality miniatures, no funding going back into creating new releases, people not being paid for work, and more.

If you've made it to this point; congratulations, thank you, and I hope you'll follow us in what we create.

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