Nessus, Herald of Death by Aradia Miniatures

In May 2017 Aradia Miniatures ran a Kickstarter for the characters from Dante’s Divine Comedy. It funded in just 2 hours!

After the Kickstarter had fulfilled Aradia began to release the miniatures through their store and one of the wave 2 kits in the Divine Comedy range is Nessus.

Eldareon from Black Crow Miniatures

Back in 2014, Black Crow Miniatures released their first creation on the miniature community which was well received as being a really high quality product.

To date they have eighteen releases (yes; two of them were different versions of previous releases) and majority have come from concept art by Guillermo González.

Eldareon marks the second time Edgar Ramos has been given sculpting duties and if you've seen his previous Wraith I'm sure you can understand why. Especially as it has sold out multiple times.

Hélene (limited edition) by Graphigaut

As Christmas looms ever closer we are all looking for gifts to send to our loved ones. We the people of hobby town love to search out new miniatures and busts. We search all corners of the market for quality pieces to paint and often show in competitions.

One corner of hobby town is occupied by Gautier Giroud who runs Graphigaut Studios.

Gautier has sculpted many pieces on the market from gaming miniatures to busts and large scale figurines. He also has his own range which comprises of the Lisha bust, Moonfairy01, Mina Dragon Hunter, and now Hélène.

Horizon by Romain Van den Bogaert

(Say this in ya best pirate accent)

AAAAR ya land lubbers. Cap'n Normski ere sharing a piece of my bounty liberated from the French mainland from the coffers of Romain Van den Bogaert. Read along before it get buried with the rest of my treasure under GreyMountain...

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And what is a Pirates favourite hobby subject? AAAAAAART!!

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Nah, I think that is enough of the cheesy Pirate jocks for now. Wouldn’t want to go overboard with the pirate jokes and wouldn’t want to hijack this review with loads of Pirate puns would we me hearties..

Ok gonna stop now.. Maybe?? (please...oh please do)

Let's take a look at the new release from the RVDB studio. Horizon.

Perseus from Fan Art Models

Fan Art Models launched in 2017 and have built up a current range of thirteen busts. One of just a few companies I can think of coming out of Russia but they are available in a variety of stores around the world.

I decided to take a look over their Perseus bust as the character and the creature, Medusa has always been one I have heard of thanks to the old Ray Harryhausen 'Clash of the Titans' film.

Avian the Forest Witch from Massive Miniatures

Massive Miniatures released a couple of busts at Scale Model Challenge 2019. I took a good look over 'A Moment of Serenity' a few weeks ago, but now I'll have a go over 'Avian the Forest Witch'.

In true Massive Miniatures style this bust has been sculpted by someone different to previous releases with Stanislav Che creating the digital sculpture. This is someone I've not come across before.