Obligatory introduction

As I suppose is customary an introduction of sorts is in order to give you an idea of who GreyMountain Reviews are and what we aim to do really, so here goes.

GreyMountain Reviews is made up of two people who have been able to make some awesome contacts within the world of miniatures through shear charm and being the amazing people they are...ok, so it's more luck, being enthusiastic, honest, and more than a bit cheeky. One is a major hugger though I hear that's quite common with him coming from the North of England (UK). The other is a Londoner who finds it tricky to say no to projects like this one.

Introducing, Normski Ealand (left) and Steve Haydon (right).

BrokenToad 'Open Wide' bust review

Price: €40
Scale: 2/1 (55mm from lowest claw to top of the head)
Released October 2018

(Photo from BrokenToad)

Back in 2015, BrokenToad released their first ever bust in the form of the limited edition Tooth Fairy. With only 100 of these in existence, it’s quite rare to find one available and with the original wood box packaging.
Three years and multiple releases later; BrokenToad have now released a smaller but no less detailed version sculpted by Russ Charles. Being that I managed to resist ordering for all of...okay, I ordered is as soon as it was released; here's my thoughts on this 9 piece fairy tale creature with a nightmarish twist.

Banshee from Rage Craft Studio

Price €37.90 

Since Rage Craft Studios was founded back in 2015 they have had great quality right from the off.

The black box with the metallic red logo is very simple but eye catching and this new piece comes in that same style box.

Unfortunately the postman was not to careful with this package, but hey you see what i mean...