Slugger and Gunslinger from Ouroboros Miniatures

Welcome back.

This week we hand the reigns over another guest who you may have met at various shows on the Mr Lee's Minis stall. So please welcome...

Hello all.

A new guest reviewer to the GreyMountain Reviews Crew and the first pieces I have the honour to be reviewing are the Ouroborous duo; Slugger and Gunslinger

Zema the Mage bust from Signum Games

Welcome back fellow GreyMountaineers.

Today I am looking at a bust that comes from the Signum Games range.

Signum Games is based in the Ukraine and is predominantly a gaming company which has many nice looking pieces but they also have several busts.

As the title suggests I’m looking at Zema the Mage.

Radley and Bellow Roos bust from Veiled Lamp

Welcome back my fellow GreyMountaineers to the 2nd instalment of reviews from the Veiled Lamp brand.

As many of you already know, Seb Archer is one of the best talents in the sculpting and painting world and has launched his newest brand. We are delighted to have the chance to review his sculptures.

The 2nd release from Veiled lamp is called Radley and Bellow Roos Explorers of the Northern Tundra, and apparently this pays homage to one of Seb’s favourite games. After a bit of Google shenanigans I think the game is Baldur’s Gate?

Boo is a miniature giant space hamster who is the companion of Minsc. While the homage is being paid, there is actually no similarity to Minsc, and only the hamster bares resemblance but only because it is a hamster haha.

The sculpture was done as a study into a well travelled and weathered face, which also takes inspiration from another great sculptor Romain Van Den Bogaert, whom is also a super nice guy and we have reviewed some of his pieces here on GMR.