Elven miniatures selection from Atlantis Miniatures

Welcome back of the next part of the stroll through the Atlantis Miniatures range.

Today I will be looking at the Elven Kickstarter which successfully funded and fulfilled just recently. The Even Kickstarter funded in less than one hour after launch and ended up with a grand sum of £69,794 of a funding goal of £12,000! So we can see Atlantis Miniatures are highly thought of in the miniature industry.

From the first Dwarven campaign right through to the current Elven Kickstarter, there has been no compromise on detail and Dan has sculpted a lot of very nice miniature.

So today we are looking at a small selection of the Elves.

Elf Rogue

Infinity: CodeOne, Operation: Kaldstrom from Corvus Belli

Very nearly on the first anniversary of its release, I thought it was about time (and more than well overdue) that I broke open my review copy of Infinity: CodeOne, Operation: Kaldstrom

Forest Wyrm from Atlantis Miniatures

Hello and welcome back to the next GreyMountain review. 

Today we return to a familiar producer at GMR as we take a look at the Atlantis Miniatures Forest Wyrm from the Elven Kickstarter range. Currently shipping and a lot of happy people should have nice parcels turning up right about now.

So let’s take a look at the Wyrm and see what it is like.