Last Wave from Nordlys Miniatures (sadly closed)

When new companies arise and produce their first miniature they are often the most memorable for the owner of the company. The first for Nordlys was Laird McArine.

However; this review jumps a release as Last Wave is the second miniature produced by Nordlys Miniatures.

When I first saw Last Wave I instantly liked it and thought it looked very "Jedi". It also looked very much in line with the BrokenToad “Agat” miniature, as well as several other companies figures which was an instant pull to me. So when the pre-order went up I laid down the funds and waited for delivery.

Kannibaal, the Ogre from PF Works

PF Works is the brand of the well known and popular sculptor, Pedro Fernandez. Often more recognised for his beautifully created female sculpts, Pedro actually has a great skill in creating personality driven monsters and Kannibaal, the Ogre is just one of them.

Northern Wind from BigChild Creatives

Digital sculpting and printing has been with us a while now and it has improved enormously. BigChild Creatives have embraced this tech and produced a range of miniatures ranging from Orc Pirates to Roman Legionnaires.

Northern Wind is a new release from BigChild Creatives and comes in at a reasonable 38€ (including tax) at a scale of 1/12th.