Jahb 'I Kalehm from Abyssoul

Back in August 2019 I had the joy to check out a previous Abyssoul figure in the form of Zensh-Iku which Impressed me quite a fair bit. Much of it due to to original style of the design.

Fast forward to May 2020 and I find myself looking over a newly released (finally) mini bust going by the name of Jahb 'I Kalehm. The most appreciated trader in Nerei, according to the little story on the shop page.

Portraits From The Middle Ages busts from FeR Miniatures

Back in 2016, FeR Miniatures launched the first two busts in their Portraits From The Middle Ages range. A range of Middle Ages busts in 1/16th scale sculpted by Paul Deheleanu.

Now in 2020 we have the next two additions to the range in the form of 'Northumbrian Theng' and 'Ivar the Boneless', Jórvík, 866.

Road Girl & Rat Bike from Journeyman Miniatures

The hot desert wind blasts the sand trying to strip the skin from her face. She races to her destination, the scarf she had over her face blown away by the rampant air as it rushes by, her speed increasing in her frantic endeavour to flee from the scourge that roams the plains looking for plunder and other desires.

Her steel horse thrumming as she pushes it to its near limits.

The bike her father cherished so much is turning into some bastardised version of its former self. A mismatch of whatever parts she could find to keep this memory and life saving beast running, the engine still strong but its beauty has faded into some kind of One Woman Nomadic tribe.

The Road Girl and the Rat Bike now travel endlessly just to exist in a world scorched by the apocalyptic meanderings of a once power hungry fool with an itchy trigger finger.

This is just one scenario we could attach to this new release from Journeyman Miniatures but whatever world you envisage for your copy of Road Girl Rat Bike let’s take a look and see how we can get her there safely...

Journeyman Miniatures are quickly growing a reputation for producing nice models.

Previously we have seen Road Girl in a ¾ figure and an academic bust, but here we see a full 75mm kit and I can’t wait to dive in and see what kind of magical trickery Tim and Mally have come up with this time.

Paul Bonner's Vampire from Artik Toys

Back in 2019, Patrick "the small" Masson showed a small bust he sculpted based on a piece of art from the popular artist Paul Bonner.

Fast forward to 2020 and some cheeky person tried his luck on a Facebook post which led to Paul Bonner himself agreeing to the bust being allowed to be reproduced. Especially cool as many people love the artists work and high quality miniatures of said art is sometimes tricky to find.

Elwin Luthias & Rymmaig- Dragonhead Models

In this wonderfully diverse world we call a hobby we have almost certainly started our days playing DnD and Warhammer or painted soldiers or built model kits, but one thing is for sure we have all ended our journey in the world of figure painting.

I am sure, like most that our journey was influenced by fantasy and Sci-Fi genres.

My journey saw me gravitate to wood elves and space wolves as my 2 chosen armies in the Warhammer worlds and these choices have in turn influenced my journey into the display painting world.

When I was shown the concept art for the kit I am reviewing I was quite happy with the direction it headed in.

I must say though that being part of a group that tried to help shape the final product was a task and a half due to the racing mind of the owner of Dragonhead Models, Jamie Hutber.

However, the end product finally was sent over to Joaquin Palacios to sculpt and this review takes a look at how Elwin Luthias & Rymmaig turned out.

So let’s delve into the box and check out the quite sizeable 54mm kit.

This kit comes in nice quality grey resin and has a total of 22 parts and is shipped in a nice plain box printed with the Dragonhead Models logo packed with wood shavings which compliment the colour of the brown box.