Infinity: CodeOne, Operation: Kaldstrom from Corvus Belli

Very nearly on the first anniversary of its release, I thought it was about time (and more than well overdue) that I broke open my review copy of Infinity: CodeOne, Operation: Kaldstrom

If you've been hiding from gaming and Infinity for the past year then you might have missed that Corvus Belli launched their fourth edition of Infinity which basically put all of their initiation sets due to the new rules set. However; instead of just going through and updating their entry sets they in effect created a whole, alternative way to play Infinity N4. Introducing Infinity: CodeOne.

Infinity: CodeOne is essentially the main Infinity game but with a stripped down set of rules and reduced army list choices. This effectively leads to quicker play and less effects to remember while playing. But don't expect this to be an easy mode game because there is still more rules in Infinity: CodeOne than in your average skirmish tabletop game. 

Learning to play Infinity has often been daunting for players but these Operation sets have been great at giving players missions designed to gradually introduce rules as each mission progresses. Not to mention all you need to play those missions (outside of modelling tools and glue).

As always; you can download the rules booklet (for free) and they run their own army builders and mobile apps. Couple of links if you want to take a look yourself:

Currently priced at €109.95 when bought directly from the CB store, you're getting around €150 (if not more) worth of products. And the miniatures still aren't available separately, but you can buy the scenery pack if you want more for larger games but want to keep to the theme.

You're getting in this box:
  • Introductory booklet,
  • Kaldstrom Colonial Settlement scenery pack (includes mat, tokens, and templates)
  • 14 highly detailed metal miniatures with bases,
  • 2 sets of dice.
I'll go through these separately.

Instruction booklet

First up you find lovely, full colour glossy pages with plenty of photos, artwork, and understandable diagrams.

The first section is actually fluff to do with the operation that the missions take place in, and the forces involved. This also gives a little back story to all the different troop models that you'll use with this set too which I like.

Fluff is pretty light when it comes to Infinity, unless you buy the printed rule and sourcebooks. Rules (and updates) are always free though.

Obviously I'm not going to photograph every page in the booklet. This write up would be huge if I did (plus you can download it from the link higher up anyway). But this is a good example of how the missions and complexity build up.

Each new mission gives you an extra troop, and introduces the rules for their weapons, skills, equipment, and their stats. So in the first mission you just have the 3 basic troops and by the last mission you're using everything in the box. Getting stuck in with snipers, heavily armed and armoured troops, mines, and other tricks you've learned to help you in your mission.

Slow and steady. 

By the end of the booklet you'll have some expanded lists including troops from the Beyond Kaldstrom box, and also a modelling and painting section for some extra ideas.

By the point of finishing all the missions a few times you should be pretty confident and comfortable with how the mechanics of Infinity: CodeOne work. And so you'll be ready to step up to larger games of CodeOne or even the more in depth Infinity N4.

Scenery pack

One of the biggest things needed for Infinity is scenery. This is not a game that you can really enjoy by lining up on a table with a few bits blocking line of sight. You want different levels and heights of terrain as well as smaller bits to hide behind. You see... in Infinity your opponent is always playing and you can be shot at in your own turn!

The earlier released sets came with some fairly simple (in comparison to these) thin card buildings, tokens, and templates which served their purpose and are likely still used by many players now. They have constantly improved in both complexity and how sturdy they are. This is my first time with these... and I'm excited.

That's some thick card and usually I find a few tear on the printed layer as you remove them, but these were really well cut. If they made sheets with all the counters you might need in any army I reckon they would be popular. Maybe.

All the tokens are double sided with different effects that you'll need and frankly, I like these.

Having printed versions of the silhouette templates is a great move.

On to the buildings and the instructions look simple enough to follow...

However... yeah... just couldn't get my head around how all those tabs go into their holes like the diagram shows. Surely I'm not a complete idiot (yes... I can hear Norm laughing... or maybe you) but I couldn't work it out.

Enter those friendly people at HATE (Hackney Area Tabletop Enthusiasts and trust me, they're a great group of people) who directed me to this video...

So yeah... I felt a bit silly and after trying that method I was able to get these built pretty quickly.

Ignore the miniatures. They're just there as examples of how good the scenery looks and works with Infinity miniatures (and perhaps showing my Yu Jing support with my Invincible Army... okay, stop laughing already... seriously).

Solid, stackable for more options, LOS blocking stuff, and just extra ways to keep your troops from dying (hopefully).

They've even released the Kaldstrom Scenery Expansion set with other buildings for other missions too. So you can get a great looking table for less than €100 and without painting or any glue. Bonus.

And then there's the miniatures...

Yu Jing

Yu Jing troops miniatures in order from top left:
  • 1x Gŭiláng (Antipersonnel Mines, Boarding Shotgun)
  • 1x Dàofěi (Spitfire)
  • 1x Hùndùn (MULTI Sniper Rifle)
  • 1x Jujak (Combi Rifle, Heavy Flamethrower)
  • 3x Zhanshi (Combi Rifle)


Well... not on the female Yu Jing miniatures. The PanO troops still have them though which is a shame. Still slowly stepping in the right direction.


PanOceania troops miniatures in order from top left:
    • 1x Nøkk (Boarding Shotgun)
    • 1x Infirmarer (Combi Rifle)
    • 1x Orc (MULTI Rifle)
    • 1x Knight Of Justice (Spitfire)
    • 3x Fusilier (Combi Rifle)

    You can see clearly in the photos above that they all have some flash and pour points left for you to remove. Personally I prefer it this way as I've had miniatures from other companies where parts have been cut too close and too much has been removed.

    Mould lines, as always with Corvus Belli metal casting is at a minimum and easy to clean up with scraping and a little sanding.

    The biggest bonus, especially if you compare to older Corvus Belli miniatures from two years and more is the way they are cut. They aim to have joining points to be good and solid, avoiding small parts where possible now which is great. No trying to glue a tiny antenna into place. Should also avoid the need for pinning on most figures too, though I highly recommend Gorilla Superglue Gel.

    Final thoughts

    I know... I didn't assemble these miniatures like I usually would. But I honestly I cannot find any issue with them at all. The only thing that kind of bugs me if the design of them. Don't get me wrong, the cold weather look of these looks great and really makes this set feel special. But no other miniatures in the range that you can buy have this look so you could end up with a slightly mismatched looking army when you expand it. Minor gripe I know.

    As an introduction and gateway into Infinity: CodeOne and Infinity N4... I cannot ask for something better. Gradual intro to the mechanics, great looking scenery (okay... the folds in the mat do bug me. Perhaps I'll iron it carefully), all the accessories to get you playing, and two fantastic looking starting forces to play with which both include new troops introduced into both game systems too.

    I can't really fault it. I mean, yes I know some people don't like metal miniatures but these are not the soft ones that bend when you sneeze and the details make many other companied look average. Plus it's always nice to have a full set of original miniatures in a starter set.

    Where to buy?

    If you can, support your local gaming store. That way they'll be more likely to continue stocking products you may be interested in. Plus they often have an area where you can play too which will always be a bonus outside of lockdowns and restrictions. So buy local if you can.

    Alternatively; Corvus Belli have their own web store and you can find all the Infinity (N4 and CodeOne) products at

    Hopefully that helped give you a bit more of a look at the Infinity: CodeOne, Operation: Kaldstrom set. Especially as they will soon be adding two more army options to the CodeOne system. Keep an eye on their social media channels on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch for future info. Now to wait and see what TAG Raid is all about!

    Until next time, stay safe and hope you get some hobby time.

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    Forest Wyrm from Atlantis Miniatures

    Hello and welcome back to the next GreyMountain review. 

    Today we return to a familiar producer at GMR as we take a look at the Atlantis Miniatures Forest Wyrm from the Elven Kickstarter range. Currently shipping and a lot of happy people should have nice parcels turning up right about now.

    So let’s take a look at the Wyrm and see what it is like.

    The Forest Wyrm comes in 3 piece of grey plastic-like material.

    As it is part of the Elven Kickstarter it is not yet available on the store. But it was shown with a RRP of £65 which was reduced to £55 for the campaign.

    Each part fits together nicely but will require some filling due to the nature of the cuts along muscle tone and scales.

    Dan has called this a Forest Wyrm but the anatomy suggests it is a member of the centipede family as it has an armoured torso, many legs, and simply looks hungry for adventurer’s heads nom nom.

    Talking about the head; this is the most expressive part of the kit and you can see that it has many teeth and will make short work of what ever goes in its mouth. I just love how mean this thing looks in its defensive stance with the intent to strike.

    If you and your fellowship round a corner and see this then it was nice knowing you all haha...

    I have sat with this kit in my hand just looking it over and it has been sculpted really well. The scales and armour are all really nice with no dull edges or flat details.

    The way Dan has sculpted it curled around a tree section gives it that extra cinematic feel. Like something out of a Ray Harryhausen movie.

    This kit is no shrinking violet either it stands at a little over 90mm in height so is going to look very imposing on the table top.

    Whether you play D&D or fantasy battles, this creature will not let you down with how cool it will be to come up against. Let us hope one of your D&D characters has a bit of Dr Doolittle in them haha.

    As mentioned above, preparation for this kit will comprise of some strong superglue and a ring of putty to squash the parts together then shaping the putty to the anatomy textures. It is not an easy task but anyone with any experience should not have too much trouble completing the prep.

    As mentioned, the Forest Wyrm is not available on the store just yet but once all the elven pledges are taken care of you will see it appear ready for you to snap up.

    Head over to and check out all the good stuff and to keep an eye open for the Forest Wyrm general release, you won’t be disappointed.

    Yes, this one is short and sweet but with only 3 parts to exhibit there is not a great deal to discuss. But I am happy to share it with you because this kit is amazingly detailed and once the paint hits it then this kit will blow your gaming buddies minds.

    Well thanks for reading this I know it didn’t take you long but with valuable hobby time to be had let’s not beat around the bush...

    The kit is sculpted perfectly and I cannot find fault with it at all so keep they hobby love going and let’s see more of these kits painted and displayed.

    Please enjoy your hobby time and remember to not drink the paint water...

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    Akara (mounted) and Troodon from The Drowned Earth

    A few weeks back I took a look over the Bondsmen Faction starter box from The Drowned Earth miniatures game; but that was not the only thing that James Baldwin (owner and creator of The Drowned Earth miniatures game or TDE for short) had sent my way. But I didn't want to drop everything into one big article. 

    For part two I thought I'd grab two of the four packets (yes... there is more to come) and take a closer look at some more from this original apocalyptic setting.

    Persephone from Veiled Lamp Miniatures

    Today on GMR we are taking a look at a new product from a new company run by a very well established artist in this hobby.

    Sebastian Archer is up in the highest echelons of artists; when we think of inspirational characters, Seb is definitely one of them. I have known Seb now for what seems like an age. I started my Journey into the display side of the hobby way back in 2012 when I first found the WAMP forum which you can find at Back then I was simply painting gaming miniatures and through meeting the guys on there I was shown a whole new world. Seb was one of the members always showing amazing paint jobs and sculptures and this was indeed inspiring. He has sculpted many of his own miniatures and lots more for other ranges more recently sculpting a lot of the Twisted Game range he started with Peter Overton.

    Now Seb has begun a new venture launching his own brand Veiled Lamp and the sculpture that has launched the range is called Persephone Enters the Underworld.

    Persephone if you do not know is the Queen of the Underworld and the Wife of the God Hades. She is known as the goddess of Spring Growth. Her parents are Zeus and Demeter which makes her husband her uncle as Hades is the brother of Zeus.

    Hades drags Persephone to hell to become his wife but Zeus made Hades give her back. Due to Persephone eating a single pomegranate seed in hell it prevented her release completely, so now she spends four months in the underworld and comes out in the spring.

    Sebastian has taken this Greek mythological character and produced his first bust for Veiled Lamp.

    What does it look like?

    Well let’s see...

    Kuri from Black Crow Miniatures (updated March 28th)

    Black Crow Miniatures are becoming quite a regular thing here at GMR. Yes, it is true there has been a couple of releases between the excellent Hlin Dwarf Shieldmaiden figure and this new bust. But we can't review every release from a company. But the new Kuri was just too good to miss taking a look over.

    Manticore from Atlantis Miniatures

    Here at GMR we often swap from display type products to gaming products and today is one of those days.

    Atlantis Miniatures have been around a few years now but I don’t see many customers showing off their kits, so I contacted Dan Jacks, the owner and sculptor of the Atlantis Miniatures range and asked if he would like us to promote his brand. Dan being a very cool guys and a good friend in the community, he was all too happy for us to put a review together to aid in showing the community what Atlantis Miniatures is all about.

    So today I am going to start by showing off the Manticore from the mythology range.

    When assembled the kit stands and a very nice height of 125mm and a wing span of 160mm. Sculpted for the wargaming size of 28-32mm, Dan has not shirked on the detail. If you take a close look at the pieces you can see he has sculpted the fur really well, and this will translate into the paint work as he has left so much scope for any level of ability whether beginner or master level.

    The scales and tail of the scorpion parts are perfectly done too and they are not just smooth they have texture too so again you can go nuts on the details if you wish. The bat wing membrane again is so packed with detail you will not be sorry to have purchased this kit.

    I do not usually assemble review kits as I usually like to store them away in boxes. But for this series of reviews I want to show the kits on the bench and not just in parts so you get the full idea of what Atlantis kits are about.

    Let’s take a look at the kit before we get the glue out...

    Bondsmen Faction starter box from The Drowned Earth

    "The Drowned Earth is a skirmish scale tabletop miniatures game where brave heroes and villains risk the dangers of the wilds for glorious riches and ancient technology!"

    I met James Baldwin a few years ago at a painting class and our paths have crossed a few times. Each time we discussed getting a review together for his tabletop game and miniatures called The Drowned Earth. But every time, life happened, things drifted, and put it simply it didn't happen. Until now that is.