Swedish Veteran from Valkiria Miniatures

Hello and welcome to part two of the Valkiria Miniatures review. 

This week I am looking at the Swedish Veteran VHP-11, which was the previous release before the Black Knight that I reviewed a fortnight ago.

The Swedish Veteran stands at 70mm size like the others in the range, is cast in resin, and comes in 8 pieces.

As you can see it is protected just like the previous miniature and the rest of the range is indeed packaged the same way.

This miniature is much more in the pin up style than the black knight is as her feminine features are a little more on show. But even so the boobs are not overly emphasised like on a lot of gaudy miniatures out there.

The Swedish Veteran is dressed in an off the shoulder animal skin overcoat which helps her boobs pop that little more which should please a few people.

She is however fully clothed from that point on, which in turn reduces the sexualised aspect to a more tasteful aesthetic.

The pose is that of a model posing for a camera and the addition of a wolf adds to the Scandinavian theme to the piece as wolves are native to that region of Europe.

This piece does have that naughty Mrs Santa feel to her and is just missing a bobble on the hat, so I can see someone painting her that way indeed.

The details of the piece are sculpted well such as the gunpowder pouch and the shot holders, but I am finding all the fur on this piece slightly flat.

The fur around the overcoat is very rounded and I would have like to have seen a more ruffled texture to it.

The fur on the wolf is also flat and again I would have like to see a more textured look to it.

I know fur can be a bit tough on moulds but I think it would have pushed the quality just that little bit higher.

The rest of the miniature is fine. Miroslav Dimitrov has sculpted the material in a natural way. The folds and creases are not exaggerated, the laces in the boots etc are fine and not too fat or thin.

Her facial features are quite strong for the Norse/Scandinavian region with the high cheek bones and strong feminine jaw-line.

The two miniatures are stood on a resin scenic base which could easily be painted as rock or ice due to its smoothness.

The cast quality is actually really nice as there are mould lines but they are so fine that I would have had to twist the miniature under a light to get a shadow of the mould line to be able to take a photo of them, so they are very fine and not an issue at all.

The casting vent on the wolf is in a very strange place on it belly so it will require a bit of work to get the fur texture back but at least it is in a place that won’t be viewed easily.

The wolf has a casting issue on the inside of the back legs where the mould has not closed properly but again not easily viewed.

The musket is quite a slim piece and the lock and stock are sculpted really finely so again go light with the paint or you may lose some details.

I cannot say I am overly impressed with the cast quality of the musket but as far as the miniature is concerned I am satisfied that it will still be nice to paint.

If I was to advise anything with this miniature I would say don’t undercoat it too much as the fur detail will be lost if you were to brush on thick undercoat. An airbrush would be perfect if you have one or a spray can of your chosen undercoat.

All in all I cannot complain about this miniature and aside from the fur being a little flat. I feel this miniature will paint up quite nicely with careful steps to pick out the fur.

I hope this review was of use and if it helped you decide on a purchase please do let us know. Or head over to Valkiria Miniatures and let them know you read this review as we would all love to hear we were of use.

The Swedish Veteran is available directly from Valkiria Miniatures at http://valkiria-miniatures.pl
If you want to see more of their range and keep up to date with future releases check their social media on Facebook and Instagram.

Thanks again and have a nice week ahead and remember Don’t Drink the paint Water...

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Cuhullin from Blast Model

Two weeks back I took my first look at a Blast Model figure in the form of the Voyevoda of the 17th Century (check that one out too if you missed it). And so I thought I would take a look at the other figure they sent my way which is the Cuhullin, again in 54mm.

I had a little look up on what or who Cuhullin was. Cuhullin looks to be the English term for Cú Chulainn who is known to be an Irish mythological demigod. He appears in multiple Irish stories but also in Scottish and Manx (Isle of Mann) mythology too, so definitely give it a look up if that is of interest to you.

What's in the box?

Exactly like the previous review; Cuhullin is packaged in a pretty cool laser cut wood box. All parts are in a couple of zip lock bags and safely held in place between some padding.

However; this figure is in more parts using a bit more resin. Still only comes in at 18€ direct from Blast Model (or £16.50 from Mezzer's Minis in the UK).

Nine separate parts including a choice of two shields to go on his back and a fairly ample and raised mound style base.

That small wooden box was packed with not much space left.

Igor Filin is again the sculptor here and it's nice to see more of his work.

Take a closer look

Starting with the main focal point of the upper body. You can see a couple of large bits of excess resin where the join to the lower body is. These actually taper in so removing them and cleaning was stupidly easy. Slight mould line along the outside of his right arm but as expected after the last review it was easy to deal with. There really isn't much to clean up so far.

Detail and material wise you've already got almost everything on this one part. Fur, leather, skin, metal, hair, and bone. Some nice pattern detail on his belt too.

Down at the legs we find a little bit more to clean up but again, mostly where the two body parts connect so hiding it really well.

Slight mould line to remove but the resin responds well to scrapping and sanding so absolutely zero issue at all.

Some nice looking creases in the cloth for painting to add the the variation of materials across the figure.

There's a couple of extra detail parts which I've not mentioned yet in the form of his left arm and a decapitated head. A must have accessory for all frenzy prone warriors...perhaps.

Nothing massive to note really with either part. Both share the same thing of not needing much clean up and both fitting into their positions easily and flush too.

There's some jewellery on his wrist which has a good Celtic feel. Possibly the wrong term but I'm sure you know what I mean (hopefully).

Every warrior needs a weapon...or two, and perhaps a shield (or two if you fancy a change in your day to day wardrobe).

Both weapons had a curve. If that spear was metal I would've been cursing. So on went the kettle for a cup of tea and a hot water dip. Good news too. The tea went down well. Also both weapons reacted well to the hot water (not my tea) and straightened out on their own which was a huge relief.

Really like the shield design choices. Both typical of the time and well sculpted. Good looking metal work but also plenty of room for those who like to freehand paint shield designs.

Final thoughts...

Wide variety of materials coupled with good resin, great assembly, and a budget friendly price. If you're into your ancient history or Celt type miniatures then you really can't go wrong here.

Yes, it isn't the most perfectly sculpted of miniatures, but it also doesn't have the high price which they come with and easily has a quality to satisfy all but the most fussy (as in more fussy than I am...they exist, I believe).

Great looking figure and I've been really impressed by Blast Model. Certainly expect to see them cropping up in collections and historical painting contests.

Where to buy from?

Blast Model are also on social media on Facebook and Instagram so make sure you check them out and give them a like or follow.

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Take care and stay safe.

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Black Knight from Valkiria Miniatures


Love them or hate them they are here to stay.

Many conversations on social media often turn into aggressive exchanges between the haters and the defenders of this genre of our amazing diverse hobby.  Often someone will inject their opinion on someone else’s painting or sculpture and cause a stink over the subject, and then it all gets brushed under the rug till the next time a set of boobs is on show then it all starts again.

It is a general consensus amongst many that the over sexualisation of female miniatures and busts is not necessary to sell a nice model. But on the other side of the coin, a lot of hobbyists love that kind of thing so the argument will rage on eternal.

My own view on the subject is gratuitous use of over sexualisation is just crass and many companies have blatantly used sex to gain sales in a male dominant hobby so I have often swerved models with over sized proportions and needless nudity. However; in June 2016 Valkiria Miniatures launched their range of 70mm resin pin up girls and in my opinion these are done in the most tasteful way while keeping the pin up aesthetic.

I first saw the Valkiria minis in my time writing for Figure Painter Magazine when I noticed VHP-01 their very first pin-up; the Texas Ranger.

Now by my own admission this one was just that bit too risqué for me but the paint job on the Ranger was outstanding and actually saw me liking that miniature. So thanks to the very talented Krzysztof Kobalczyk for a very nicely done piece which also won silver at Scale Model Challenge back in 2016.

I digress...

Since the launch of Texas Ranger I have followed Valkiria Miniatures along their journey and each release from then has not stepped over the line into gaudy titilisation, and each release has not failed to keep my interests in the range. 

I have VHP-07 in my GreyMountain stash and on purchasing this copy I approached the guys at Valkiria to ask their interest in reviews. Pawel Surowiec got in touch and arranged to send The Black Knight and the Swedish Veteran my way so this review, as the title suggests, is taking a look at the Black Knight VHP-12 and a review of VHP-11 follows soon.

So what do we get for the €35.00 price tag?

Let’s see what in the box.

A quick note about the box...

Voyevoda of the 17th Century from Blast Model

Blast Model is a company quite new to me which I found through Mezzer's Minis in the UK. Based it the Ukraine and focusing on the historical side of things genre wise. To date they have seven 54mm and their first 75mm figures in their catalogue.

Everything so far has been sculpted by Filin I who is also a sculptor previously unknown to me.

I've been sent a couple of their figures to review and decided to go first with the Voyevoda 54mm figure.

Lt. Sheeba Shayne from FeR Miniatures

Back in 1968 Jane Fonder starred as Barbarella in the movie of the same name, and this movie became one of my favourite Sci-Fi movies from that era I will explain why below.

Jane Fonder, who is always a yes for me, was sent on an erotic psychedelic quest to find the elusive Duran Duran (no, not the band from the 80's) and watching this as a very hormonal teenager it evidently left a big impression on my young mind.

Now skip ahead to 1974 and we see Pam Grier starring as Foxy Brown, the meanest chick in town (don’t shout sexism coz that’s what the tag line said) yet again sent hormones blazing in here R rated ass kickin rampage across the big screen watched by very happy 1980's teenaged Normski.

So let’s step forward about 34 years and let’s take FeR Miniatures and Romain Van den Bogaert, Barbarella and Foxy Brown, and smash them all together in a big tub of resin and pour it into a mould and what do we get once its cured?

In fact Pam Grier actually starred as Sheba Shayne in Sheba Baby later in 1975 so you can bet your next wage Lt. Sheeba Shayne is a sure fire product of those movies. The Sci-fi element I am still sticking to Barbarella.

As mentioned in my previous review, I purchased this bust during the FeR Miniatures day and here is my follow up from the two purchases.

The Plague Doctor from Scientific Models

Scientific Models I can only describe as highly original within the sort of miniatures that I usually look at. Taking a look over their web site you'll find busts and people like Charles Darwin and Auguste Piccard alongside creations like a tribute to female aviators, child having a hair cut, and the limited COVID-19 Operator which was sold with all proceeds going to a hospital in Rome (and sold out quickly too).

That sounds fairly normal... and then you find the 1/1 scale scientific range which you're more likely to find in museums. Combine that with a range of diorama details including some dogs and a 54mm scale elephant, and a large range of sculpting, casting, and modelling products; you'll find something that'll tempt your funds.

The Sioux Chief, Little Bighorn 1876 from FeR Miniatures

Hello and welcome to another New Review Monday...

This week I am doing something that Steve usually does and this is review a miniature from FeR Miniatures.

But this week it’s on me and I have chosen to review the Sioux Chief, Little Big Horn 1876 bust.

Every year FeR does their Miniatures Day where you can take advantage of big discounts on the whole range.

This is usually my FeR shopping time and this year was time to purchase this Sioux Chief sculpted by Pavol Offo Ove and the Sci-Fi bust sculpted by Romain Van Den Bogaert, Lt Sheeba Shayne.