European Knight XIVc. by Tartar Miniatures

Time for a little trip back in time. So far we haven't looked at any historical miniatures on GMR and even though I do not paint them as often as perhaps I should; I do have a soft spot for them and often find myself looking them over.

Recently thanks to a very supportive friend I came into possession of Tartar Miniatures 14th century European Knight (TR75-66) which was released back in 2015.

The Slayer bust by Carmine Giugliano

Anyone following along will know I reviewed Wukong sculpted by Carmine Giugliano a few reviews ago.

This review is covering one of his previous sculptures that I feel has not had its moment in the sun.

(Image from Carmine)

Raging Heroes miniatures selection

I've been meaning to take a look at a few figures from Raging Heroes for some time now, especially as I was building a Slaanesh army for Warhammer 40K which has kind of dropped of my radar in recent years to be honest, but now and then the odd HR Giger influenced design pops up from time to time and piques my interest.

Juweelinis 28mm assortment set by Juweela

Juweela are a German company with great experience of making diorama and scenic details ranging from 1:160th scale up to 1:12th scale. Some scales have many more products available than others but out of those there is an excellent selection of bricks, paving, and other details suited to 54mm figures (in the 1:32nd and 1:35th scales) and the more common gaming size of 28mm. 

Today I'm going to have a look at their 28mm size Juweelinis set.

Journeyman Miniatures - Roman Lappat Beginners course

This weekend was kind of a special weekend for Journeyman Miniatures; Roman Lappat arrived in the UK for the very first time to teach his very popular basing and painting course.

Journeyman Miniatures have rapidly become the most wanted course organisers in the UK. The list of course tutors that have come to the UK with Journeyman Miniatures is a very distinguished one indeed and is constantly growing.

Chemical Brothers for Aristeia by Corvus Belli

Welcome back to GreyMountain Reviews and this time I have something a little more game related in the form of an expansion for Corvus Belli's 'Aristeia' gladiatorial board game.