Bograth the Hunter from Journeyman Miniatures

Journeyman Miniatures have become known for bringing talented teachers to from the miniature world to the UK. People like Banshee, Roman Lappat, and LAN to name just a few.

In 2019 after quite a long time and pre-production work; Journeyman Miniatures finally released their first miniature in the form of Bograth the Hunter.

Grace - Duelist from Mr Lee's Minis

Mr Lee's Minis is one of those companies which seems to have something for anyone who's looking for figures or busts to add to their collection. Many are from established brands or sculptors but they also carry many items exclusive to them through their own line.

Grace - Duelist is a new addition to that line as a 1/24th scale (75mm) figure.

Bold Miniatures Kickstarter part 2 (Valery)

On launch day of the Kickstarter I shared with you part one of the review for Anna and Valery. Today at the close of the Kickstarter I am taking a look at Valery, as promised.

Valery comes to you from concept art by Katherine Zhuk, the artist for Joshua.
James W Cain again brings the art to life with his 3D sculpting skills.

Bold Miniatures have got a very unique style to their range, post apocalyptic with a touch of historical/fantasy to the clothing.

Trooper, 17th Lancers, Crimea, 1854 from FeR Miniatures

Today I take a bit of time to have a good look over the second August 2019 release from FeR Miniatures. This time we are still on the British side of the Crimean War with the 17th Lancers who were part of the ill fated Charge of the Light Brigade during the Battle of Balaclava on October 25th, 1854.

Bold Miniatures Kickstarter part 1 (Anna)

Bold Miniatures are a relevantly new company run by Mario Ferreira Vilanova. He started Bold back in July of 2018.

Mario always had a vision of using the most talented artists in the hobby to produce high quality miniatures and for his first release he produced Joshua. This miniature came from the art work of Elisa Day (also known as Katherine Zhuk) and was 3D sculpted by James W Cain with box art by Sergio Calvo Rubio.

The Kickstarter for Joshua was successful and Joshua saw paint jobs all across the globe with Trent Denison’s version most noticeable after Sergio’s box art.

This next Kickstarter will see the release of the next two pieces from Bold Miniatures. Anna and Valery.