Alternity miniatures 1:35 scale figure selection

Alternity Miniatures have been around for a few years now with their own take on how a dystopian, post-apocalyptic future could look.

Previously; Norm took a look over their Goneya bust kit but this time I'm checking out a small selection of their 1:35 scale (around 50mm) figures. These are also from the mind of Alternity owner, Marco Riolo.

Lucy Russian Sniper from NutsPlanet

What do you get when you smash nuts into Mars?

Yes that’s right; a Snickers bar...

Errr no.... that’s not how to start a review. Let’s try again...

If you take a planet and smash nuts into it... erm... let’s not go there either.

NutsPlanet has been around a while now and has quite an extensive range of miniatures and busts to choose from. I have reviewed NutsPlanet kits before and the range was quite large back then already.

Some of their latest releases have made their way to me and here is my first review for them under the GreyMountain Review banner.

Juweela scenic products review - part 1

Back at the start of 2020 I was treated by the lovely people at Juweela to a mixed selection of products from their huge range of scenic materials to review and show to you. Trouble I found was figuring out how best to really show them to you.

Back in 2019 I reviewed their Juweelinis set aimed at 28mm, which is a fantastic taster set which really impressed me and you can check that out here.

Now Juweela have been making scenic products aimed at the railway and scale model market for many years but have been working towards increasing their products in scales more suitable for use with gaming miniatures and those sizes more common with us figure painters which is a great move.

Aristeia! Double Trouble expansion & Mendoza from Corvus Belli

If you're a tabletop gamer with an interest in sci-fi gladiatorial sports games, then I reckon you've likely heard of Aristeia! from Corvus Belli (the company behind Infinity the Game).

Björn from Nordlys Miniatures (sadly closed)

Following on from my review of Last Wave, Nordlys Miniatures have sent me Björn to take a look at.

We have all seen the painted versions by Ben Komets and Magnus Fagerberg (who did the Box Art version) and both are superb.

So I now have the pleasure of sitting down and perusing the latest release from Nordlys Miniatures so pull up a chair and grab yourself a cup of hot whatever you like and read along and see what I thought of Björn.

Let’s start with the packaging...

Operation Knox: Arbiter from Mr Lee's Minis

Operation Knox is the first large project from Mr Lee's Minis and has been a labour of love from Mr Lee's owner/ director, Kyle. Being designed completely from the ground up from concept to retail rather than drawing on already existing art and imagery.

Now then. Before I get going I need to explain something for complete transparency so you know my part in all this. I work with Mr Lee's Minis since the start of 2020 and have been friends with Kyle for a number of years now. It would be easy to just say "this is incredible; go buy it!" but that wouldn't be fair on yourself who put your time into reading these reviews, or to Kyle who expects my honesty and wants to deliver the highest quality product he can.