Ishtar from Kimera Models

Released in the first half of 2017 by Kimera Models; Ishtar Wings of Sorrow is the second figure in their Domina range. To quote their site "Domina is a fantasy series dedicated to sexy and sensual female figures". To date it holds six figures and four busts.

Wyvern Slayer from Scibor Miniatures.

This week I am taking a look into a scale I don’t often dabble and that is 54mm or 1/32nd scale.

I think in my time in the hobby I may have painted two 54mm sized miniatures but I think I may be looking for more as my eyesight gets old and wrinkly like my face...

The Swamp Shaman from Alternity Miniatures

As we enter another week of isolation I take some time to check out a bust from Alternity Miniatures sculpted by someone who's work Normski has taken a look over multiple times on the blog previously. Carmine Giugliano.

Freshman Lily from NutsPlanet

Welcome back to the 2nd NutsPlanet review from myself, Normski.

NutsPlanet have been on the scene now for a good few years and have grown their range massively.

Part of that range is the Trigger Miniatures range.

In this range you will find modern sci-fi inspired pieces with a crossover into post apocalyptic and anime style miniatures.