Test Object Perion from Neko Galaxy

Test Object Perion is the latest release from Neko Galaxy who have a strong reputation for releasing sci-fi and cyberpunk influenced busts and figures. Majority of these being female and often with more than a hint of pin-up style thrown in too. But don't expect to see these futuristic ladies just posing. These are always bad ass in their own way.

Cozy from Creepytables

This week I am taking a look at a bust that has been available for some time now. It is one of those that stands out above others in its genre.

Kumarajin bust from Mr Lee's Minis

Following up from Operation Knox; Mr Lee's Minis has now released another bust sculpted by Joao Ferreira. And it is quite a sizeable one too.

For total transparency I need to tell you that this is one of the early test casts and doesn't have things like a box art sticker or anything else other than the bust itself in the black magnet closing box Mr Lee's Minis likes to use for larger miniatures in their range.

I also do some work with Mr Lee's Minis too but Kyle (the owner) knows that I say what I see and appreciates a good chunk of honesty in product reviews, so there won't be any favouritism or mates rates. If anything I'll likely be even more critical because I'd expect the best products possible.

Freedom, Fallen Hero from Abyssoul Miniatures

This week, I return with something that has been available for a while and has been on my radar since release. 

Fausto the owner of Abyssoul was happy to hear I would be doing the review and it has taken many weeks for me to give this piece the Normski treatment.

You guys n gals know I love to show the negatives of a model as quality to me is important when we lay out so much cash for miniatures we love. So without further-a-do, let’s see what we get for our hard earned cash with this release from Abyssoul Miniatures.

Right off the bat I liked this miniature as it is done in the style of the first nations of the USA/Canada.

Native American culture is a huge interest of mine; I have a very good friend over in Canada who is full blood Cree so this also piques my interest in any miniature base around the First Nations or the Native American culture.