Hlin Dwarf Shieldmaiden from Black Crow Miniatures

Black Crow Miniatures are no strangers to the GMR blog and this is now the fourth from their range that we have given a going over.

This time however, the miniature is sculpted by Isidro Monux who runs Black Crow Miniatures and this is his first sculpt to be released. Meet Hlin the dwarf shieldmaiden.

Liath the Druidess from Kimera

It’s Monday and that can only mean one thing, back to work...

Ok it also means new review Monday...

This week I am taking a look at one of the recent releases from the Pegaso/ Kimera stable; Liath the Druidess from the Pulvis range.

For those who don’t know, Pulvis is a fantasy world that these figures are conceptualised within and in Pulvis you will find all manner of fantasy characters and creatures for your collecting pleasure.

Liath is the newest release from Kimera and it is possibly 1 of 2 pieces from Kimera I actually like (now, before someone gets upset that Kimera haven’t pricked my focus until now, we all like different things so sit back down and breathe it’s not personal I just prefer Pegaso kits) so I spent the cash and hey it’s here with another kit to be reviewed later.

So let’s take a look and see what Liath has for us.

Liath was one of those miniatures I saw and thought oh I quite like that and when it hit the store I got a copy in the “Oh Shiny” way we often do.

Liath is sculpted by Africa Mir and the box art painted by Marc Masclans.

Skylar from Kensho Miniatures

Kensho Miniatures seemed to appear out of nowhere at the end of 2019 with a bust which seemed to tick a lot of popular boxes:
  • female, check
  • cybernetic, most definitely
  • many different textures, yup
  • uncomplicated to assemble... there is zero assembly!
There seems to have been an increase in busts which have many different materials and textures to experiment and play around with, whilst at the same time almost fitting into the more "academic" style which are usually pretty simple in style and ideal for teaching or practising. Importantly too; require little work for you to get painting. Perfect for someone giving a group lesson to ten or more people.

You shouldn't judge a miniature by it's packaging... but we all do it. Nothing more disappointing that paying for something that you've saved some funds for and have it turn up in a zip lock bag in a padded envelope. But that is rarely the case and isn't here as you can see.

Plastic is kept to a minimum, just one zip lock holding Skylar within a bed of black shredded paper. So that's pretty cool. Brown cardboard is the order of the day with a paper sleeve to give it something a little different. Both with the Kensho logo stamped on.

Inside I was greeted to a thank you card and a couple of stickers. This copy came to me from Mr Lee's Miniatures so this is standard. Always a nice touch and I've not met someone in the hobby yet who doesn't love stickers.

Minotaur from Winzor Chog Miniatures

Hi Guys,  I have something a little different for you this week. 

Instead of an all out review I would like to introduce you to Winzor Chog Miniatures. Winzor Chog Miniatures is the creation of Alastair Reid.

Alastair may not be a familiar name or face to most of the GMR readers but if you backed the BrokenToad/ Black Sun Miniatures Jim Henson Kickstarter you will have no doubt pledged for some of his sculptures. Alastair sculpted many of the Dark Crystal range, so if you are unsure of his work head over to the Kickstarter and have a look at the Skeksis and Mystics.

You can also head over to Chilling Wargamers and watch the stream of his interview.

Alastair has been working on Winzor Chog for some time now and has produced a lot of awesome fantasy football miniatures as well as some unique pieces of his own concept and production. I purchased one of his newer pieces. A Minotaur.

This miniature is all about fantasy football but due to its design it could easily fit into D&D or other role playing fantasy systems. There are no weapons or football items sculpted on this miniature so it is wide open for usage within the hobby.

What I really admire about Winzor Chog Miniatures is the price this Minotaur is only £15.00. It is really nicely cast in high quality grey resin and can be purchased as well as his other pieces at www.winzorchogminiatures.com.

Shipped to my house it cost me £18.00 and this is a very nice price for the size of miniature.

The assembled miniature stands at 50mm tall from the bottom of the feet to the top of the mane. However it is hunched over like it is stalking it prey and if this miniature was stood up straight ya looking at an 80mm tall figure.