Mindwork Games part 2: Lone Wolf

Hope you've been well an able to get in some quality hobby time.

Following on from last weeks Mindwork Games part 1: Blood Temple, it's time to take a look at a second kit named Lone Wolf based on the artwork of Gerald Brom.

Mindwork Games part 1: Blood Temple

Mindwork Games have been about for a fair few years now. Initially making originally designed figures, then sold as part of Kimera Models range, and more recently back as an individual company and taking a new direction.

Horos, The Phoenix Cleric from Kimera Models

As you may remember in my previous review of Kimera’s Liath I mentioned I would be taking a look at Horos, the Phoenix Cleric.

Today is that day...

Horos is again one of those miniatures that got my interest when I saw it in photos of sculptures at the Monte San Savino Show if I recall correctly?

Then I saw Alfonso Giraldes painting it on Facebook and I thought "yeah that’s one for the collection".

Once it arrived from Pegaso World with Liath I gave it a quick look over, but today you will see what I saw and what I think about this miniature.

The Orc from PF Works

Anyone who's been following GMR for a while now will know I have a thing for movie monsters and creatures, so looking over something monstrous when sculpted by someone like Pedro Fernandez is usually a joy.

Here is The Orc.

Imbolc from Aradia Miniatures

Hello and welcome to another New Review Monday.

Today we have the pleasure of reviewing a brand new release from Aradia Miniatures. Part of the Hyperborea project which sees Aradia and Kimera working together as the two companies bonded during The League project of last year.

Imbolc the Champion of Thule is just one of four releases launched right at the end of July 2020 with them being Imbolc, Polaris, Anja and Jotun.