Basing Kits from Micro Art Studio

Back in 2019 I had the opportunity to review a selection of Gaming Bases from Micro Art Studio. They didn't disappoint in their quality both in detail and casing, and I've used some to base up various miniatures for my gaming.

Fast forward to 2021 and Micro Art Studio has added the new Basing Kit range to their catalogue.

Buco Model Base range review

This week, guest reviewer Marko returns to take a look at some of those all important display plinths.

Over to Marko...

Living in Croatia, a small country with an even smaller miniature (pun intended) painting community, I am frequently faced with shortage of various hobby materials, supplies etc. Not having a proper model store (apart from one LGS), I am forced to turn to online stores for my supplies. Nowhere is it more noticeable than when acquiring bases and plinths for my dioramas and/or models.

For my dioramas I recently turned to Ikea and its various picture frames which work quite well. But that doesn't solve the problem of plinths for my busts and large scale models.

Fortunately, my Google-fu search found a great solution in nearby Hungary – Buco Model Base.

Knowledge from Taro Modelmaker

Welcome back to another instalment of GMR...

Today I am looking at a new venture for Taro ModelMaker. James Taro has been casting 3rd party parts for upgrading titans for some time now and he has decided to take the leap into display bust production. The first two releases are Projection and Knowledge. Both these kits are 1/10 scale and cast in polyurethane resin. Projection is a cyberpunk looking female and Knowledge is a Renaissance style character.

On release I was instantly attracted to Knowledge as I am very much interested in the renaissance style of art and history. I instantly thought that Knowledge has the look of Leonardo da Vinci so I took the opportunity to take a look at one of the dual releases by James.

Ludo bust from BrokenToad and Black Sun Miniatures

Back in the 80's when I was a child I was introduced to some arts books by Brian Froud. I was amazed and intrigued at seeing all these fantasy creatures, especially his goblins. Fast forward to the mid 80's and we were treated to two combinations between Froud and Jim Henson (at the point more known for the Muppets and Sesame Street). There had been fantasy films before but both the Dark Crystal and of course Labyrinth really brought something truly special to the big screen.

Fast forward to a year that we might more generally want to forget (2020) and the combined companies of BrokenToad and Black Sun Miniatures dropped a bombshell of a Kickstarter on the figure and bust painting community. 

Now people are starting to receive their pledges and you can expect to see these available to buy later in the year (links will be updated then).