Voyevoda of the 17th Century from Blast Model

Blast Model is a company quite new to me which I found through Mezzer's Minis in the UK. Based it the Ukraine and focusing on the historical side of things genre wise. To date they have seven 54mm and their first 75mm figures in their catalogue.

Everything so far has been sculpted by Filin I who is also a sculptor previously unknown to me.

I've been sent a couple of their figures to review and decided to go first with the Voyevoda 54mm figure.

Straight off the bat the wood box grabbed me. Silly I know but I'm a sucker for interesting packaging and also enjoy wood puzzles. This box reminded me of those puzzles in the way that it looks like I could take it apart and put it back together.

Box label is simple (apart from the laser burned logo on the top of course). Just a sticker as you can see. Does the job though.

Box contents

All parts sat snugly between a couple of bits of foam like packing. Safely together in a couple of zip lock bags. Everything looking safe and undamaged.

Just six parts including a base. Nothing complicated which is always a good thing to see.

Also on an initial and very quick look while unpacking, a definite absence of excess resin and flash with the exception of the base. Again, another sign of a good product.

Thought I'd take a look at the Blast Model site and Mezzer's Minis to see the price. Just 14€ or £14 depending on where you buy from. Not bad from an initial look. But how is the quality?

Up close

As you can clearly see there is a bit of a stepped mould line on the robe but otherwise it's really clean. Especially for the price point.

Nice looking definition on the different parts of clothing and armour and some interesting details to look at and paint too.

Finding good images for reference wasn't the easiest as there seems to be many different ways to spell Voyevoda. Voivode, Vojvoda, and Wojewoda for example. Essentially though it is a Slavic title denoting a war-leader or warlord. From what I found this looks fitting for the title.

His heavy fur lined coat is draped on a shoulder and really shows a level of status.

Well cut so it fits into place with ease and with the left hand and arm as part of the section. Good call there.

Present again is a bit of mould line on the sides but otherwise not really much to clean up at all.

Right arm is holding out his mace in what looks like a heavily gloved hand. Not the best sculpted fingers I've seen but I've seen worse on more expensive miniatures.

Some lovely details on the armour and the stitching which is well reproduced in the resin.

I'm honestly completely clueless on exactly what this part is to be truthful. So can only guess.

Now I think it's a scabbard for a curved dagger but the only weapon I see on him is the mace in his hand. I'm very much likely wrong though and my historical knowledge is seriously limited. Please; if you know about what this is, let me know. Cheers.

Last up is his base.

Couple of bits left over from the casting which came off really easily and didn't leave much to clean up. No mould lines that I can notice.

Now I'm still not sold on most pre-made bases. They sometimes seem like an afterthought and for some reason on many historical figures often look a bit more like a mound in the middle of a flat plinth top. I honestly wouldn't use it myself preferring to create the basing from scratch. But I'm obviously not going to be the same as every modeller.

Not a bad size or pose at all.

Final thoughts

Frankly... pleasantly surprised with the Voyevoda figure. Intriguing presentation with the packaging and what I would gladly refer to as a bargain.

Whilst I am a really fussy sod when it comes to sculpting at a technical level, I can't deny that Blast Model and Filin I have managed to create a quality which would usually be at a higher price point. Good pose and variation of materials for painters. A good choice of subject for sure.

I would gladly recommend this range and brand. Especial to those tempted to have a try at painting 54mm historical miniatures. Being able to pick up a miniature for under £20 (including postage) usually means sacrificing quality or size. Even many 28mm and gaming figures cost more these days.

Where to buy

You can buy a copy of Voyevoda direct from https://blast-model.com or from https://www.mezzersminis.co.uk if in the UK. Definitely give their range a look and I have another coming soon.

You can follow Blast Model on Facebook and Instagram if you would like to keep up to date on future releases and see their current range.

Thank you for checking out our reviews. Don't forget you can subscribe via email so you never miss an article. Until next time, stay safe and happy hobbying.

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Lt. Sheeba Shayne from FeR Miniatures

Back in 1968 Jane Fonder starred as Barbarella in the movie of the same name, and this movie became one of my favourite Sci-Fi movies from that era I will explain why below.

Jane Fonder, who is always a yes for me, was sent on an erotic psychedelic quest to find the elusive Duran Duran (no, not the band from the 80's) and watching this as a very hormonal teenager it evidently left a big impression on my young mind.

Now skip ahead to 1974 and we see Pam Grier starring as Foxy Brown, the meanest chick in town (don’t shout sexism coz that’s what the tag line said) yet again sent hormones blazing in here R rated ass kickin rampage across the big screen watched by very happy 1980's teenaged Normski.

So let’s step forward about 34 years and let’s take FeR Miniatures and Romain Van den Bogaert, Barbarella and Foxy Brown, and smash them all together in a big tub of resin and pour it into a mould and what do we get once its cured?

In fact Pam Grier actually starred as Sheba Shayne in Sheba Baby later in 1975 so you can bet your next wage Lt. Sheeba Shayne is a sure fire product of those movies. The Sci-fi element I am still sticking to Barbarella.

As mentioned in my previous review, I purchased this bust during the FeR Miniatures day and here is my follow up from the two purchases.

As you can see, we get the nicely done packaging we all know from FeR Miniatures, a sturdy black box wrapped in a nice printed sleeve. Comes in at the price of €50.00 and can be purchased at https://ferminiatures.com

So what’s inside?

As you can see by the photo we get 2 stickers and 10 parts cast in resin, all safely protected in 2 layers of foam.

Romain Van Den Bogaert as mentioned is the sculptor of this bust and you can tell just by holding it that it is a Romain sculpture as his style is very distinctive.

The face alone echoes all the other female faces he has sculpted in the past and you could easily just paint the head as it would look great on a plinth by itself.

So we see a traditional sculpture with this piece and looking at it closely you see that some of the details are quite rustic and not as sharp as a piece sculpted in 3D.

On face value you can see it looks like a nice sculpture but up close you can see that some of the edges and details are not refined and some of the detail could have done with being worked a little more specifically the little box at the bottom of the collar.

When I looked over the cast quality and took some photos it was quite easy to see there is some smoothing to be done before undercoat is applied.

There are several fine mould lines in places and there has been some clean up done which is always nice to see as a lot of companies leave all the clean up to the customer which is a blatant liberty.

The issues I don’t think are acceptable is the bubble on the laser gun on the pointed end and it has had clean up done so it must have been seen so to send that out to a customer knowingly is not right in my eyes.

There are also 2 small holes in the metal collar that will require filling.

There is also a bit of piping missing from the torso under the right boob, but it seems to be missing on the box art too but its shaded out. as well as an unfilled crack that seem to run through all the detail of the checked pattern.

The other issue isn’t as bad but on the bottom of the bust on the back is a small gap (seen on the torso image above) that was probably caused during prep for moulding the master but I was not there so don’t know why this chip is present.

The tiny gap will get sorted quickly but the bubble will require filling sanding and buffing unless a replacement is asked for.

The clean up that has been performed on the mould line on the side of the torso will require more work to get it smooth for painting too, issues like these brings the quality of a product down considerably.

But this is not the norm for FeR Miniatures as my previous purchases have all been pretty good quality so this copy in my experience is a one off, but I would like to know if anyone else has had a copy with the same issues?

Going back to the start of the review I feel the style of the bust is right on the nose for my tastes but I would have liked to see some emotion in the face rather than the static look she is wearing.

The outfit hits the 60s/70s Sci-Fi genre really well with the colourings very modern bringing the silver Sci-Fi outfits into modern day with quite an X-Men style colour scheme painted by Marc Masclans.

The laser gun is very 1950s, so bring this and the movie influences together and the styling of the piece is right up my street.

The pose its self I find a little static but what I do like about it is the anatomy of the piece.

We see all too much the body perfect with flat stomach and perfect boobs but Romain has given the stomach a more natural look and the boobs don’t stick out like they are pumped full of silicone so a more natural figure sits much better with me for this model.

Final thoughts

All in all I feel this piece is not for everyone but it does spark some nostalgia for me and for that reason I am happy to have purchased this bust. I would have liked to see a more dynamic pose but this is not a massive issue.

The paint job makes the bust look a lot smoother than the cast is and some of the details are not as sharp as others which on reflection is not great so this bust will require work to get it to the painting table.

I often get annoyed at purchases that don’t reflect the quality expected but I would rather receive a bust in this standard to review than a hand-picked perfect copy because this does not reflect a true customer experience and no one benefits from a review that blows smoke up a company’s pipe as there is nothing learnt from either side.

Quality control is lacking across the board in this hobby but I am confident in saying that this is an isolated experience from FeR Miniatures for me at least.

If you purchase a copy of Lt. Sheeba Shayne get in touch and see if your experience echoes mine and let us know your thoughts on this miniature. 

As usual you can check out FeR Miniatures via their social media outlets on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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The Plague Doctor from Scientific Models

Scientific Models I can only describe as highly original within the sort of miniatures that I usually look at. Taking a look over their web site you'll find busts and people like Charles Darwin and Auguste Piccard alongside creations like a tribute to female aviators, child having a hair cut, and the limited COVID-19 Operator which was sold with all proceeds going to a hospital in Rome (and sold out quickly too).

That sounds fairly normal... and then you find the 1/1 scale scientific range which you're more likely to find in museums. Combine that with a range of diorama details including some dogs and a 54mm scale elephant, and a large range of sculpting, casting, and modelling products; you'll find something that'll tempt your funds.

The Sioux Chief, Little Bighorn 1876 from FeR Miniatures

Hello and welcome to another New Review Monday...

This week I am doing something that Steve usually does and this is review a miniature from FeR Miniatures.

But this week it’s on me and I have chosen to review the Sioux Chief, Little Big Horn 1876 bust.

Every year FeR does their Miniatures Day where you can take advantage of big discounts on the whole range.

This is usually my FeR shopping time and this year was time to purchase this Sioux Chief sculpted by Pavol Offo Ove and the Sci-Fi bust sculpted by Romain Van Den Bogaert, Lt Sheeba Shayne.

Mindwork Games part 2: Lone Wolf

Hope you've been well an able to get in some quality hobby time.

Following on from last weeks Mindwork Games part 1: Blood Temple, it's time to take a look at a second kit named Lone Wolf based on the artwork of Gerald Brom.

Mindwork Games part 1: Blood Temple

Mindwork Games have been about for a fair few years now. Initially making originally designed figures, then sold as part of Kimera Models range, and more recently back as an individual company and taking a new direction.

Horos, The Phoenix Cleric from Kimera Models

As you may remember in my previous review of Kimera’s Liath I mentioned I would be taking a look at Horos, the Phoenix Cleric.

Today is that day...

Horos is again one of those miniatures that got my interest when I saw it in photos of sculptures at the Monte San Savino Show if I recall correctly?

Then I saw Alfonso Giraldes painting it on Facebook and I thought "yeah that’s one for the collection".

Once it arrived from Pegaso World with Liath I gave it a quick look over, but today you will see what I saw and what I think about this miniature.

The Orc from PF Works

Anyone who's been following GMR for a while now will know I have a thing for movie monsters and creatures, so looking over something monstrous when sculpted by someone like Pedro Fernandez is usually a joy.

Here is The Orc.

Imbolc from Aradia Miniatures

Hello and welcome to another New Review Monday.

Today we have the pleasure of reviewing a brand new release from Aradia Miniatures. Part of the Hyperborea project which sees Aradia and Kimera working together as the two companies bonded during The League project of last year.

Imbolc the Champion of Thule is just one of four releases launched right at the end of July 2020 with them being Imbolc, Polaris, Anja and Jotun.

Hlin Dwarf Shieldmaiden from Black Crow Miniatures

Black Crow Miniatures are no strangers to the GMR blog and this is now the fourth from their range that we have given a going over.

This time however, the miniature is sculpted by Isidro Monux who runs Black Crow Miniatures and this is his first sculpt to be released. Meet Hlin the dwarf shieldmaiden.

Liath the Druidess from Kimera

It’s Monday and that can only mean one thing, back to work...

Ok it also means new review Monday...

This week I am taking a look at one of the recent releases from the Pegaso/ Kimera stable; Liath the Druidess from the Pulvis range.

For those who don’t know, Pulvis is a fantasy world that these figures are conceptualised within and in Pulvis you will find all manner of fantasy characters and creatures for your collecting pleasure.

Liath is the newest release from Kimera and it is possibly 1 of 2 pieces from Kimera I actually like (now, before someone gets upset that Kimera haven’t pricked my focus until now, we all like different things so sit back down and breathe it’s not personal I just prefer Pegaso kits) so I spent the cash and hey it’s here with another kit to be reviewed later.

So let’s take a look and see what Liath has for us.

Liath was one of those miniatures I saw and thought oh I quite like that and when it hit the store I got a copy in the “Oh Shiny” way we often do.

Liath is sculpted by Africa Mir and the box art painted by Marc Masclans.

Skylar from Kensho Miniatures

Kensho Miniatures seemed to appear out of nowhere at the end of 2019 with a bust which seemed to tick a lot of popular boxes:
  • female, check
  • cybernetic, most definitely
  • many different textures, yup
  • uncomplicated to assemble... there is zero assembly!
There seems to have been an increase in busts which have many different materials and textures to experiment and play around with, whilst at the same time almost fitting into the more "academic" style which are usually pretty simple in style and ideal for teaching or practising. Importantly too; require little work for you to get painting. Perfect for someone giving a group lesson to ten or more people.

You shouldn't judge a miniature by it's packaging... but we all do it. Nothing more disappointing that paying for something that you've saved some funds for and have it turn up in a zip lock bag in a padded envelope. But that is rarely the case and isn't here as you can see.

Plastic is kept to a minimum, just one zip lock holding Skylar within a bed of black shredded paper. So that's pretty cool. Brown cardboard is the order of the day with a paper sleeve to give it something a little different. Both with the Kensho logo stamped on.

Inside I was greeted to a thank you card and a couple of stickers. This copy came to me from Mr Lee's Miniatures so this is standard. Always a nice touch and I've not met someone in the hobby yet who doesn't love stickers.

Minotaur from Winzor Chog Miniatures

Hi Guys,  I have something a little different for you this week. 

Instead of an all out review I would like to introduce you to Winzor Chog Miniatures. Winzor Chog Miniatures is the creation of Alastair Reid.

Alastair may not be a familiar name or face to most of the GMR readers but if you backed the BrokenToad/ Black Sun Miniatures Jim Henson Kickstarter you will have no doubt pledged for some of his sculptures. Alastair sculpted many of the Dark Crystal range, so if you are unsure of his work head over to the Kickstarter and have a look at the Skeksis and Mystics.

You can also head over to Chilling Wargamers and watch the stream of his interview.

Alastair has been working on Winzor Chog for some time now and has produced a lot of awesome fantasy football miniatures as well as some unique pieces of his own concept and production. I purchased one of his newer pieces. A Minotaur.

This miniature is all about fantasy football but due to its design it could easily fit into D&D or other role playing fantasy systems. There are no weapons or football items sculpted on this miniature so it is wide open for usage within the hobby.

What I really admire about Winzor Chog Miniatures is the price this Minotaur is only £15.00. It is really nicely cast in high quality grey resin and can be purchased as well as his other pieces at www.winzorchogminiatures.com.

Shipped to my house it cost me £18.00 and this is a very nice price for the size of miniature.

The assembled miniature stands at 50mm tall from the bottom of the feet to the top of the mane. However it is hunched over like it is stalking it prey and if this miniature was stood up straight ya looking at an 80mm tall figure.

Clever Hunter 1/35th scale from NutsPlanet

NutsPlanet is no stranger to us here at GMR with Normski previously reviewing Freshman Lily in 1/24th scale and the 120mm scale Lucy Russian Sniper figures. 

I've seen NutsPlanet for quite a few years now and they've always looked high quality. This is the first I've had in hand though. Not sure why it's taken me this long. Possibly because choosing from such a large and constantly growing company is difficult. I've heard nothing but good things though so I've been looking forward to this.

The Trigger range is primarily figures but covers from 1/35th (close to 50mm) up to 1/12th (around 150mm), and in a post apocalyptic setting. 

Clever Hunter is available in 1/24th scale and more recently 1/35th scale which is much more diorama friendly. Though the photos I'd seen don't show any difference in detail quality (but it is the same digital sculpt after all).

Sculpting here has been done by Joo Heum Yoon as is the case for the majority of the Trigger range.

Baba Yagá bust from Insomnia Miniatures

Earlier in 2020, Pedro Fernández and Pepe Gallego launched Insomnia Miniatures as a place for them to release all sorts of resin miniatures related to the world of horror.

Samo from ZabaArts

On the back of the release of Emmett the Battle Clown from ZabaArt I thought I would take a look at a previous release while I wait for my order to arrive.