Clever Hunter 1/35th scale from NutsPlanet

NutsPlanet is no stranger to us here at GMR with Normski previously reviewing Freshman Lily in 1/24th scale and the 120mm scale Lucy Russian Sniper figures. 

I've seen NutsPlanet for quite a few years now and they've always looked high quality. This is the first I've had in hand though. Not sure why it's taken me this long. Possibly because choosing from such a large and constantly growing company is difficult. I've heard nothing but good things though so I've been looking forward to this.

The Trigger range is primarily figures but covers from 1/35th (close to 50mm) up to 1/12th (around 150mm), and in a post apocalyptic setting. 

Clever Hunter is available in 1/24th scale and more recently 1/35th scale which is much more diorama friendly. Though the photos I'd seen don't show any difference in detail quality (but it is the same digital sculpt after all).

Sculpting here has been done by Joo Heum Yoon as is the case for the majority of the Trigger range.

What's in the box?

All parts were held in a single zip lock bag so nothing ground breaking but dose the job. Nothing wrong with that at all and pretty standard for smaller scale miniatures.

Seven parts in total but you'll only use four or five as you have two optional builds here.
  • Beanie hat and drink flask,
  • gas mask and lantern.
Though using the lantern in some way with both builds would give some chance to play with object source lighting (OSL) and directional lighting. Could set up some good atmospherics.

Looking closely at the heads you can see that while the casting and edges of details look a bit soft, you can still see exactly what the different details are. This is more something I find with smaller digital sculpts quite often so nothing unexpected.

Pour points are in locations that are easy to remove and clean, and the hat variant has the excess where it joins the body anyway to just cut and connect. Didn't manage to find any mould line which is impressive and something I had been told about NutsPlanet quality.

As for the body; lots going one here. Plenty of pouches for all that gear he likely has on him to make survival that bit easier.

Then you have materials and surface details. These are really well designed and reproduced nicely in such a small size. Folds in his trousers look realistic to me and the sculptor remembered to put in seams, pockets, and a zip cover too.

The coat is excellent. Really has a padded feel to it. Although the fur does feel a little spiky.

His backpack looks pretty full but those external straps are being put to good use. This guy isn't messing around.

The excess resin block here is good as it keeps the rifle nice and straight, plus minimised the chance of that barrel getting snapped in the box. Easy to remove, just take it slow. The join to the body hides the pour point and frankly the design of the join is top quality.

Two optional arms in close up for you here.

Not the best pour points on the drink flask option but I often see those poor elbows being popular places. Trimming and sanding was easy anyway and nothing suffered.

I found a mould line finally... in a hidden place anyway so nothing to get excited about really. Challenge still on.

Tiny holes in the sides on the hand match up perfectly with the lantern so no drilling needed at all. And of course; well reproduced in the resin.

Your OSL option. It's a popular way to paint and this just gives you the best excuse to make the most of the painting method.

Also...YES... a slight imperfection in the casting. NutsPlanet casters are officially human. Being honest though it is about what I expect to find on miniatures this tiny. I've seen bigger mould lines on mass produced plastics from a slightly known company that rhymes with wames gorkshop.

The Joo Heum Yoon obviously looked at reference for his sculpting because this looks spot on for a paraffin lamp.

How's the size?

Coming in at around 50mm to the top of the head he feels a little small up against most 54mm scale figures. But this will work better used with more scale model company products where 1/35th is common. And they have plenty of scenic and vehicle kits to be played around with.

Final thoughts?

As you can see from the assembled photos it's an excellent and characterful figure, especially considering it's size. Yes; for me the standard face suffers from the typical digital sculpting perfect symmetry and lack of any expression so of course I would go for the gas mask version.

I'd definitely be tempted to go down the diorama route with this too. Some desolate place with a ruined and long time abandoned vehicle perhaps. That is where this sort of figure would really shine rather than just being painted with minimal basing and on a plinth I reckon.

As for quality, well... great resin that was really easy to clean up. Joins and cuts are exceptional, as are the pegs for making sure things line up exactly as intended.

I would perhaps like some slightly sharper details but from what I can tell that is more the realm of the larger scales and I'm honestly really fussy (as many people know).

Lastly and this is the cruncher... this is listed on the NutsPlanet site as $18 and on UK sites just £14.40 including VAT. That's cheaper than pretty much any single plastic figure from the most known tabletop game company. Can't really argue with quality at that price.

If you would like to purchase a copy of Clever Hunter or have a browse of their large offering they can be found at and they also have a good list of places to buy from around the World too.

Check out their Facebook page and Instagram if you want to keep up with NutsPlanet information too.

Hope this has been useful and don't drink Norms painting water (seriously... don't do it).

Take care and happy hobbying.

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Baba Yagá bust from Insomnia Miniatures

Earlier in 2020, Pedro Fernández and Pepe Gallego launched Insomnia Miniatures as a place for them to release all sorts of resin miniatures related to the world of horror.

Pedro's sculpting in no stranger to us at GMR and we have in the past looked at three examples of his work in our first year.
  • Kannibaal from PF Works
  • Spring from the Women range at FeR Miniatures
  • Sigrun from Black Crow Miniatures
Highly recognised for his miniatures of beautiful women with long, flowing hair. It's easy to forget that sculptors are flexible and adaptable. And Pedro's sculpting on monsters and creatures grabs me as I love movie creatures and monsters.

Miniatures always need a design concept and this is where Pepe Gallego steps up. These two have been creating together for some time now and their joint catalogue is steadily building month by month. In fact, Insomnia Miniatures already has four categories so this looks to be a long running series of releases. Those are:
  • Creatures Series. Monsters, aberrations, and beasts (nothing there yet),
  • Mythological Series. Mythological figures/characters who are related to horror (a very cool Minotaur bust so far),
  • Gothic Series. Classic horror (a Victorian looking female vampire to date),
  • Esoteric Series. Characters which are connected to the esoteric world and open us the gate of "the living and the dead". This is where we find Baba Yagá.

Get on with it!

 Sorry about that.

First thing you notice... that looks nothing like Keanu Reeves or John Wick. This is classic Baba Yagá from Slavic folklore. The child eating, forest witch who lives in an old house with chicken legs.

If you want to look for stories of Baba Yagá, I hope you have a lot of time on your hands as there are many, many, many. She even crops up in comics like Hellboy and for me was the high point of the 2019 Hellboy movie (honestly, if they make a follow up based around Baba Yagá I'm wanting to watch it straight away).

Anyway... what do you get?

For your 25€ (around £22) you get a single piece bust in a zip lock bag and a printed card with concept art, a little text, and web links to Insomnia Miniatures social media and site. All housed securely in a hard plastic case. Mine arrived in a brown padded envelope and had extra bubble wrap around the packet too to protect it. Zero complaints with that at all.

I'm glad I'm not a caster. Pedro always seems to be able to pack subtle details into his creations. And this is no exception at all. Rope, keys, and rough stitching on the clothing. You find his pretty female sculpts have super smooth skin and salon perfect, and this is the total opposite. Ugly, angry, hair with it's own mind, and not something I would like to meet on the brightest of nights, let alone in a dark place.

Those eyes just scream horror and there has been plenty of films involving old lady ghosts and spirits over the years to give inspiration. I reckon some lighting effects would bring this bust to life (though actually... I wouldn't want this living.

Something I really appreciate with many or the busts I've looked over by Pedro is finding a pilot hole on the back. Simple I know but really makes drilling much easier.

Those cloth folds. They're just ace as expected. Plenty of definition and shape without high value contrast painting.

Also, if you look closely along the edge of the cutoff and the shoulders you can spot a hint of mould line. Seriously... There was hardly anything to do to clean this bust and get it ready to prime and paint. Little scrape and sand of those lines, drill a hole for brass tube, brush off a little flash from around the hair, and look for other areas to clean... and... nothing. Can't moan.

Seriously... don't want to wake up to that face!

I had to get a closer photo of that face. Many miniatures suffer because the faces just lack that extra focus on the face. Character, soul, deep hatred for the living for all eternity... what ever is driving a character comes from the face. Pedro really brought his A game with this one

However; looking from behind or even above, she could pass for so many older women from many parts of the world. My grandmar used to wear headscarves like that a lot of the time.

63mm in height according to the Insomnia Miniatures site. Not massive and certainly fits in the mini bust bracket. But I like that. Not a huge project but not sacrificing detail at all.

Not sure I want to know who those bones around her neck came from.

As horror themed miniatures go, this bust is ace. But I don't feel that photo's really do it justice.

I really hope to see others painting this. Be a really good one for some atmospheric painting.

Reviewing miniatures like this can be tricky when there isn't many parts to discuss or areas to highlight like mould lines, bubbles, or defects. Frankly, a great miniature with excellent design, sculpting, and casting and available at a realistic price.

If you're interested in adding Baba Yagá to your collection, she is available directly from Insomnia Miniatures at

Keep up with Insomnia Miniatures news via social media on their Facebook page and Instagram.

Thank you, stay safe, and don't drink Norm's painting water.

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Samo from ZabaArts

On the back of the release of Emmett the Battle Clown from ZabaArt I thought I would take a look at a previous release while I wait for my order to arrive.

Juweela scenic products review - part 2

Steve here. If you've ever chatted with me about basing materials you have likely heard me recommend Juweela products. I've even reviewed their Juweelinis 28mm assortment set and also Juweela scenic products review - part 1.

Which product this time?

In this part 2 of the scenic products review I'll be checking out the Concrete Slabs in both large and small sizes. Both packs are designed with 1:32nd and 1:35th scales in mind (50-54mm figures) but I hind that they can also work well at 1:24 scale (75mm) and that is the size figure I've used them with in this article.

Norman Knight, Antioch, 1268 from FeR Miniatures

Welcome back and this time we have a classic figure sculpted by Raul Garcia Latorre for the old Elite Miniatures company. A few years back FeR Miniatures picked up the rights to the range and have been slowly working through the old miniatures, cleaning them up, and getting them cast in resin (they used to be in white metal). This range is named Elite Classics and really does contain some gems.

Knights are cool!

There, I've said it. Whether you are into historical, mythical, or fantasy, knights just capture something in the imagination. King Arthur, Richard the Lionheart, dragon slayers, Dungeons & Dragons, even Monty Python chased the Holy Grail. Knights, even with questionable hair, can really make for a painting project.

And so... here is today's talking point. Norman Knight, Antioch, 1268.

The Bolshevik from SK Miniatures.

During the lockdown in the UK there were a few different things going on to raise money for the NHS.

One of these activities was the Figure Artists for NHS Auction which I took part in and also bid on a bust.

Jahb 'I Kalehm from Abyssoul

Back in August 2019 I had the joy to check out a previous Abyssoul figure in the form of Zensh-Iku which Impressed me quite a fair bit. Much of it due to to original style of the design.

Fast forward to May 2020 and I find myself looking over a newly released (finally) mini bust going by the name of Jahb 'I Kalehm. The most appreciated trader in Nerei, according to the little story on the shop page.

Portraits From The Middle Ages busts from FeR Miniatures

Back in 2016, FeR Miniatures launched the first two busts in their Portraits From The Middle Ages range. A range of Middle Ages busts in 1/16th scale sculpted by Paul Deheleanu.

Now in 2020 we have the next two additions to the range in the form of 'Northumbrian Theng' and 'Ivar the Boneless', Jórvík, 866.

Road Girl & Rat Bike from Journeyman Miniatures

The hot desert wind blasts the sand trying to strip the skin from her face. She races to her destination, the scarf she had over her face blown away by the rampant air as it rushes by, her speed increasing in her frantic endeavour to flee from the scourge that roams the plains looking for plunder and other desires.

Her steel horse thrumming as she pushes it to its near limits.

The bike her father cherished so much is turning into some bastardised version of its former self. A mismatch of whatever parts she could find to keep this memory and life saving beast running, the engine still strong but its beauty has faded into some kind of One Woman Nomadic tribe.

The Road Girl and the Rat Bike now travel endlessly just to exist in a world scorched by the apocalyptic meanderings of a once power hungry fool with an itchy trigger finger.

This is just one scenario we could attach to this new release from Journeyman Miniatures but whatever world you envisage for your copy of Road Girl Rat Bike let’s take a look and see how we can get her there safely...

Journeyman Miniatures are quickly growing a reputation for producing nice models.

Previously we have seen Road Girl in a ¾ figure and an academic bust, but here we see a full 75mm kit and I can’t wait to dive in and see what kind of magical trickery Tim and Mally have come up with this time.

Paul Bonner's Vampire from Artik Toys

Back in 2019, Patrick "the small" Masson showed a small bust he sculpted based on a piece of art from the popular artist Paul Bonner.

Fast forward to 2020 and some cheeky person tried his luck on a Facebook post which led to Paul Bonner himself agreeing to the bust being allowed to be reproduced. Especially cool as many people love the artists work and high quality miniatures of said art is sometimes tricky to find.

Elwin Luthias & Rymmaig- Dragonhead Models

In this wonderfully diverse world we call a hobby we have almost certainly started our days playing DnD and Warhammer or painted soldiers or built model kits, but one thing is for sure we have all ended our journey in the world of figure painting.

I am sure, like most that our journey was influenced by fantasy and Sci-Fi genres.

My journey saw me gravitate to wood elves and space wolves as my 2 chosen armies in the Warhammer worlds and these choices have in turn influenced my journey into the display painting world.

When I was shown the concept art for the kit I am reviewing I was quite happy with the direction it headed in.

I must say though that being part of a group that tried to help shape the final product was a task and a half due to the racing mind of the owner of Dragonhead Models, Jamie Hutber.

However, the end product finally was sent over to Joaquin Palacios to sculpt and this review takes a look at how Elwin Luthias & Rymmaig turned out.

So let’s delve into the box and check out the quite sizeable 54mm kit.

This kit comes in nice quality grey resin and has a total of 22 parts and is shipped in a nice plain box printed with the Dragonhead Models logo packed with wood shavings which compliment the colour of the brown box.

Ishtar from Kimera Models

Released in the first half of 2017 by Kimera Models; Ishtar Wings of Sorrow is the second figure in their Domina range. To quote their site "Domina is a fantasy series dedicated to sexy and sensual female figures". To date it holds six figures and four busts.

Wyvern Slayer from Scibor Miniatures.

This week I am taking a look into a scale I don’t often dabble and that is 54mm or 1/32nd scale.

I think in my time in the hobby I may have painted two 54mm sized miniatures but I think I may be looking for more as my eyesight gets old and wrinkly like my face...

The Swamp Shaman from Alternity Miniatures

As we enter another week of isolation I take some time to check out a bust from Alternity Miniatures sculpted by someone who's work Normski has taken a look over multiple times on the blog previously. Carmine Giugliano.

Freshman Lily from NutsPlanet

Welcome back to the 2nd NutsPlanet review from myself, Normski.

NutsPlanet have been on the scene now for a good few years and have grown their range massively.

Part of that range is the Trigger Miniatures range.

In this range you will find modern sci-fi inspired pieces with a crossover into post apocalyptic and anime style miniatures.

Alternity miniatures 1:35 scale figure selection

Alternity Miniatures have been around for a few years now with their own take on how a dystopian, post-apocalyptic future could look.

Previously; Norm took a look over their Goneya bust kit but this time I'm checking out a small selection of their 1:35 scale (around 50mm) figures. These are also from the mind of Alternity owner, Marco Riolo.

Lucy Russian Sniper from NutsPlanet

What do you get when you smash nuts into Mars?

Yes that’s right; a Snickers bar...

Errr no.... that’s not how to start a review. Let’s try again...

If you take a planet and smash nuts into it... erm... let’s not go there either.

NutsPlanet has been around a while now and has quite an extensive range of miniatures and busts to choose from. I have reviewed NutsPlanet kits before and the range was quite large back then already.

Some of their latest releases have made their way to me and here is my first review for them under the GreyMountain Review banner.