Clever Hunter 1/35th scale from NutsPlanet

NutsPlanet is no stranger to us here at GMR with Normski previously reviewing Freshman Lily in 1/24th scale and the 120mm scale Lucy Russian Sniper figures. 

I've seen NutsPlanet for quite a few years now and they've always looked high quality. This is the first I've had in hand though. Not sure why it's taken me this long. Possibly because choosing from such a large and constantly growing company is difficult. I've heard nothing but good things though so I've been looking forward to this.

The Trigger range is primarily figures but covers from 1/35th (close to 50mm) up to 1/12th (around 150mm), and in a post apocalyptic setting. 

Clever Hunter is available in 1/24th scale and more recently 1/35th scale which is much more diorama friendly. Though the photos I'd seen don't show any difference in detail quality (but it is the same digital sculpt after all).

Sculpting here has been done by Joo Heum Yoon as is the case for the majority of the Trigger range.

Baba Yagá bust from Insomnia Miniatures

Earlier in 2020, Pedro Fernández and Pepe Gallego launched Insomnia Miniatures as a place for them to release all sorts of resin miniatures related to the world of horror.

Samo from ZabaArts

On the back of the release of Emmett the Battle Clown from ZabaArt I thought I would take a look at a previous release while I wait for my order to arrive.

Juweela scenic products review - part 2

Steve here. If you've ever chatted with me about basing materials you have likely heard me recommend Juweela products. I've even reviewed their Juweelinis 28mm assortment set and also Juweela scenic products review - part 1.

Which product this time?

In this part 2 of the scenic products review I'll be checking out the Concrete Slabs in both large and small sizes. Both packs are designed with 1:32nd and 1:35th scales in mind (50-54mm figures) but I hind that they can also work well at 1:24 scale (75mm) and that is the size figure I've used them with in this article.

Norman Knight, Antioch, 1268 from FeR Miniatures

Welcome back and this time we have a classic figure sculpted by Raul Garcia Latorre for the old Elite Miniatures company. A few years back FeR Miniatures picked up the rights to the range and have been slowly working through the old miniatures, cleaning them up, and getting them cast in resin (they used to be in white metal). This range is named Elite Classics and really does contain some gems.

Knights are cool!

There, I've said it. Whether you are into historical, mythical, or fantasy, knights just capture something in the imagination. King Arthur, Richard the Lionheart, dragon slayers, Dungeons & Dragons, even Monty Python chased the Holy Grail. Knights, even with questionable hair, can really make for a painting project.

And so... here is today's talking point. Norman Knight, Antioch, 1268.

The Bolshevik from SK Miniatures.

During the lockdown in the UK there were a few different things going on to raise money for the NHS.

One of these activities was the Figure Artists for NHS Auction which I took part in and also bid on a bust.