Persephone from Kimera Models

This week (after last weeks tech issues, sorry about that) we bring you our second guest reviewer with a new release from Kimera Models who are no stranger to us here at GMR.

I'll hand you over...

In December 2020, Kimera Models had several new releases and Persephone was among them.

King Charles XII and Emmett busts from ZabaArt

This review sees the first from our guest reviewers. Marko has chosen to look at not one, but two busts from ZabaArt in the form of King Charles XII and Emmett.

I'll keep the waffle to a minimum and hand you over.

Prince Elwin from Dragonhead Models

First review of 2021 and I really must say I hope you had a Happy New Year and all of us at GMR wish you the best for the rest of the year.

To kick the year off I have the latest release from Dragonhead Models. Prince Elwin is a 1/10th scale bust digitally sculpted by Joaquin Palacios from concept art by Diego Gisbert.