Huia the Goddess of Life from Kaha Miniatures

Anyone like Jigsaws?

I do.

Just as well because this figure is one of those kits that will require time and patience to assemble and paint nicely.

A Moment of Serenity from Massive Miniatures

Massive Miniatures is the baby of Luke Wilson who I've known for a few years now thanks to the now gone, Figure Painter Magazine.

I was lucky to get an early look at this bust along with my wife, who decided straight away that she wanted to treat me to it. Especially as we have often spent time out feeding squirrels and she could tell I liked the look of the unfinished sculpt by Peder Bartholdy.

Now, I could just say everything is amazing with 'A Moment of Serenity'. But frankly Luke would have a go at me if I didn't treat this with the same honesty as everything else I review. And so...

Roman Legatus 1st Century AD from Pegaso Models

Pegaso Models have had a number of top quality releases throughout 2019 and now I get to take a look over one of the November line up in the form of the 75mm, Roman Legatus.

Gandhi from 2dreamers

What have John Glenn, Uri Gagarin, Jules Verne and HP Lovecraft all got in common?

Any guesses?


They are all pals with Edgar Allan Poe...
well at least in the miniature range from 2dreamers they are.

And to add to this very eclectic bunch of historical characters they have been joined by Gandhi.

Imagine walking into a room and seeing Gandhi chatting with the creator of Cthulhu and the author of Mask of the Red Death surrounded by cosmonauts, astronauts and a crab fisherman all being eyed up by Cthulhu and a couple of crazy looking dwarves.

That room is indeed Petr Vlk’s very own piece of the figure painting community.

Only after many pints of beer and some questionable sea food would you have a dream as mind blowing as this. But Petr has put 2dreamers on the map with his very cool range of miniatures and today we are looking at one of his newest releases; the above mentioned, Gandhi.