Sigrun by Black Crow Miniatures

With the new release of Black Crow's scaled down Uther I thought I would take a look at an earlier release, Sigrun.

Gamers Grass bases and tufts

In 2018 I spent a bit of time trying to improve the look of the basing I do on my miniatures. Gamers Grass is one of those companies I came across and I have a few of their products to look over for you now.

Wukong by Carmine Giugliano

In my years in this hobby I have collected many different pieces and genres but I am finding it increasingly difficult to find quality miniatures. With the growth of generic and TV show/movie related sculpts I have strived to seek out the best original pieces on the market today.

I have known about Carmine for some years now but only as a sculptor for other companies, the Van Helsing bust for instance.

But while surfing Facebook I saw Carmines piece 'The Slayer' which I will review later.
While I was looking through Carmines images I saw he also was the sculptor of the 'Old Druid'.

I didn’t know this was one of his pieces; I have seen it at many shows and always thought it was cool. So I purchased both and they will get reviewed in time.

But this review is for Wukong which Carmine was working on at the time I purchased the other two busts.

Infinity Beyond Coldfront and Varuna Immediate Reaction Division box sets

All products available from:

Rather than repeat myself I thought I’d tell you about the quality of the packaging and miniatures before delving into each set.
If you’ve ever bought an Infinity starter or boxed set you already know what to expect. A sturdy brown card box housed within a slip cover showing the product contained. Miniatures are in separate zip lock bags with what looks like a raffle ticket (this ticket is actually a missing parts ticket which you’ll need if you ever have a mispack or flawed casting) and protected with foam. Basically, you get a very well packaged and presented product.