Goneya from Alternity Miniatures

Back in May 2018, Marco Riolo released Dafne 2220 under his Alternity Miniatures brand and at the time I was looking for sci-fi females to do a display of an all female crew, and Dafne was perfect. This was my introduction to Alternity Miniatures and I have followed them ever since.

I am quite a big fan of post apocalyptic miniatures and their 1/35 scale range is perfect for dioramas and vignettes.

Following the range over the past year has seen some very cool releases. Then Marco launched Goneya which is a double bust limited edition set and perfect for the sci-fi female crew project so I instantly had my eye on this.

The Beast from Black Crow Miniatures

At the end of 2019 I took a look over Eldareon from Black Crow Miniatures but they also released The Beast... which I now have for you today.

The concept for The Beast comes from Black Crow Miniatures owner, Isidro Monux and a little know sculptor.. Raul Latorre (yes, but little known I mean prolific and one of the best). It's a fairly standard design for a Minotaur to be frank but then again, if it isn't broken why try to fix it?

Mohawk Warrior, 1760 from Pegaso

Towards the end of 2019 Pegaso released several new miniatures and amongst them was the Mohawk Warrior...

This figure is 75mm in size and is has metal and resin parts.

Spring from Women by Pepa Saavedra (FeR Miniatures)

If you've been into the miniature hobby for any amount of time now you will know that there is one lady who is seriously good at painting female miniatures. Especially busts. And that is Pepa Saavedra. I'm hoping that you already know about her miniatures range that is available through FeR Miniatures, as to date every one has been of the highest quality.

Recently; Spring was released on the Women by Pepa Saavedra range and is the first of four representing the years seasons.

So who do you go to if you want a high quality female bust sculpted? Yup... Pedro Fernandez Ramos.

Yenmodels Scenic Base Build

Usually at GMR we look at miniatures or busts, but from time to time we get to look at products types that have other uses within the hobby.

Back in 2018 at Scale Model Challenge (SMC) I had the pleasure of meeting Yen Kwie Drenth; the owner of Yenmodels.

After perusing Yen’s stand I could see he had many great pieces that will accentuate any diorama or scenic base most around 1/35 scale (close to 54mm).

Now here in 2019; again at SMC, I have chatted with Yen and he has graciously given me a couple of his products to take a look at. But I cannot simply just review diorama details like a miniature. I need to use the product and show how they fit into a diorama.