Trophy Hunter Project by ZabaArt

So, it has been quiet here at GreyMountain Reviews for various reasons which I will not go into for fear of it becoming a rant... ha ha....

But today I want to share with you a project which is currently active on Kickstarter.

ZabaArt are running their Trophy hunter campaign which consists of wall mounted Trophies in the shape of the heads of the characters in this campaign.

To accompany the trophies are short story books which are compatible with your favourite RPG rules set.

Lukás the owner of ZabaArt and the creator of all their superbly sculpted and painted miniatures kindly sent me a gift of Tonga so I have decided to do an impromptu review to raise further awareness of the campaign.

So what is the campaign about?

Lukas has created a way to give painters a way to practice their techniques using these large scale figure heads.

The aim is to bring texture into your skill set.

Using videos which accompany each pledge Lukas as well as David Arroba and Alfonso “Banshee” Giraldes will guide you through how these maestros create the masterpieces they produce with the hope that the backers will experiment in many techniques to lift their skill sets a step higher on the ladder of their painting journeys.

Other Artists involved in the project include Fabrizio"Rusto" Russo, Krysztof Kobalczyk, Natalia Oracz, Diego Esteban Perez and Jan Soukup who have all submitted painted versions of the piece which you can see on facebook and the kickstarter campaign.

In each box you will receive the sculpture of your choice with a backing plate cast in terracotta coloured resin as well as a story book which you can integrate into your RPG’s, a sticker with the trophy hunter logo and an Art card from Tomas Duchek with an added bundle of videos accessible via

All this for the very reasonable price of €55.00 for the basic pledge.

Considering the time and effort put in by all involved this is not a bad price at all.

If you pledge for 2 the cost goes to €50.00 each, then the 3rd pledge is €145 and that breaks down to just under €49.00 each.

If you choose the 3rd pledge you also gain some exclusive swag which is a keychain of the Lukas Zaba sculpt Charles XII a signed art card also by Lukas and your name forever printed in the story book accompanying your sculptures. You also get extra videos of how Lukas Himself paints the miniatures and further Miniature Art Academy videos.

Another aspect to the project is the RPG concept itself.

You are tasked to find these characters and claim treasure depending on which story you read. I don’t want to give too much away because you need to get involved and find out the details for yourselves.

But the concept of an RPG inside an art project is a very intriguing idea and I hope all the backers take part and enjoy the full experience.

So on to the product itself.

The cast which I received is packed full of detail and texture, Lukas has produced a very cool piece that will indeed be a pleasure to work on whether it is used as an academic bust or a straight up display piece.

There is next to no clean up to do with this piece, give it a scrub with a stiff brush and off you go.

As I said above, this is a short review with focus on awareness of the campaign on Kickstarter.

If you would like to learn from the communities best artists jump on the Kickstarter at

The Kickstarter funder in just 3 hours and is sitting nicely over 6000 Euros so we are destined to see some epic projects coming from this campaign.

Follow along or join in, either way you will enjoy what you see and most of all have fun while pushing your skill levels and remember to Not Drink The Paint Water.... 

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