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This week (after last weeks tech issues, sorry about that) we bring you our second guest reviewer with a new release from Kimera Models who are no stranger to us here at GMR.

I'll hand you over...

In December 2020, Kimera Models had several new releases and Persephone was among them.

I really like mythological themes, especially when there's a twist so Persephone seemed to totally fit the bill.

The box is simple with a removable sleeve cover showing the 3D sculpture and the names of the creators:
  • Francesco Farabi and Carlotta Rossi for the concept,
  • Lua Garo for the sculpt.

The inside is well padded with shredded paper to protect all the pieces.

What's inside?

The contents are numerous. There are five small pieces in a ziplock bag so you don't lose them, and the wings are huge.

One of the wings is mechanical-angelic, while the other one is mechanical-demonic. This reflects the duality of Persephone, that in myths spends some of her year with her mother, Demeter, and the rest with her husband, Hades.

I think that's a great choice to physically reflect it directly in the miniature. The scythe could be seen as a reference to Demeter and both the afterlife.

Up close

The lower and upper body both display Kimera's (and Pegaso's) signature pre-assembly.

I haven't noticed any missed mould line on the upper body, although there is some small gaps between the glued pieces to fill.

On the lower body, one gap in particular won't be perfectly convenient to fill and a mould line is present in a position that makes it a bit hard to reach.

The angelic wing will need good clean up of a mould line and casting points, but they are not hard to reach. It will take a bit of time but won't be difficult.

The kit comes with two face options. One human and one demonic, so you can choose to emphasise one or the other sides of the duality of Persephone. 

Between the joins for the upper body and the arm, and the upper and lower body, there are some pegs which will help position the parts properly. I really like when these are present as it can sometimes be easy to mess up when gluing.

The scythe will need some clean up on the corner due to some casting points and I'm a bit wary of this as it is very thin.

Here is a picture of both body sections and an arm connected, along with a paint bottle for scale so you can see the dimensions of the kit better. Due to the small connection points of the wings I didn't dare doing full assembly with blutac.

Final thoughts

I think there are many ways to paint the duality of Persephone and I'm sure it will be very interesting to see the different interpretations come in the next months and years.

Quality could be improved on some points, the most annoying for me being when the pre-assembly makes it hard to reach uncleaned mould lines. Overall I think it's a good kit. 

It's priced at €52.00 + VAT which I think is a good price for a kit like this one, especially with the wings being so big and impressive. 

The kit is available directly from

You can keep updated with Kimera Models information by following them on social media via Facebook or Instagram.

I hope you enjoyed this review. Thanks for reading it.

Take care all.

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